Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wardrobe edit options: 1. The Emotional Cut

No photos today as I look ghastly in everything. Something. Must. Be. Done.
(Con: I am greedy. Pro: Luckily I generally lose weight fairly easily once I stop consuming cake.)

Anyway, putting aside the fact that if I did a wardrobe edit in my current mood and physical state, my wardrobe would be empty as almost nothing fits me, I am ploughing ahead with some thoughts on how to conduct a good sort out.

I'm sure we've all seen the articles and tips on this. Most are of the 'lay everything out and bin anything you haven't worn in a year' variety.  Well maybe there is sense in that.  However, being the emotional, moon-ruled creature that I am, the clear cut approach has never sat entirely right with me.

Whenever I have a sort out, I find myself almost sub-consciously categorising my clothes without being sure of the rationale I am using.

It's difficult to explain, but you know what you really really love.  This is what you should have in your wardrobe. Anything else (while not necessarily bin-fodder) is in the wrong place.

For example, if husband (he whose mission in life is trying to be helpful and invariably failing) comes into the room at a strategic point with a bin bag and attempts to gather up the 'wrong' pile, the fact that a ballistic reaction is generated tells you that these items are definitely 'keepers'.  If you let him gather, they're 'goners'. If you think hmm wrong pile, but are not screaming blue murder, then they are probably also 'goners', but less obviously so.

1. Stuff you love and currently wear or know you will do when weather is appropriate;  (Message to husband 'No No No - LEAVE ALONE!')

2. Stuff you no longer wear and may no longer love, but the logical part of you is saying 'that cost a lot' or ' that's a good quality item / investment'; (Message to Husband: 'Hmmm, no.')

3. Stuff that is past its sell by date, damaged, worn out, stained etc. (Message to husband: 'Thank you dear, how helpful, gather away.')

That may well be it. However, just in case there are any more people like me (worrying thought!)  we probably need a sub-category:

3(a).   Stuff you won't wear again but need to keep. Maybe there are happy memories attached, like when you got your first job, met your spouse etc. Limit the items you keep in this category to an absolute minimum - no larger than a medium size plastic storage tub, wrap everything in tissue, seal and label. A potential 'time capsule' to be discovered by future generations. 

I suppose the tricky bit is working out how to deal with category "2".

Ebay is one option.  Or can/ should you examine the rest of your clothes / accessories and see if you can generate more looks and break the mould a bit to get the deserved use out if it...?


  1. Sorting out my wardrobe is a job that I hate and I'm also very guilty of hanging onto things in the hope that I'll fit into them again.

    1. That issue (size) is a tricky one. If you're like me, weight does fluctuate, and I do tend to keep things which are too small if I still like them, they can act as inspiration to fit into them again!

  2. You let your husband near the clothes piles??? Are you mad??? No man dares goes near my clothes piles ... even if they are destined for charity.

    I totally hear you about all the different scenarios regarding ones attachments to clothes - I am very much the same. I'm going through the same process currently. It's a killer.

    1. Lol - yes it can be dangerous.

      Takes me months to conclude a proper sort out! I wonder why our relationship with cloths is so complicated?


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