Monday, 31 December 2012

Ending 2012 with lingerie

A couple more sales bargains to post:

My favourite bra (Triumph Amourette) - yes it's probably old fashioned but I don't care - it's flattering, fab and comfortable - and this colour (which, it transpires, is extremely pretty) was reduced in John Lewis sale -

Triumph Amourette bra in Opal -

Only snag was on John Lewis site, no matching briefs to be found. Now call me picky, but if I'm investing in new underwear (at New Year especially) it has to match!

I found the matching briefs on Figleaves - and what a fantastic site that is - lots of choice and very fast service.

Triumph Amourette Briefs in Opal (also on sale at Figleaves):

I am also awaiting a delivery from net-a-porter of Elle Macpherson Intimates - can't seem to grab picture from the site - but link is here - 'Dunescape' bra and briefs 

To report back on the Topshop purchases blogged about the other day - shoes - hopeless, phone cover - hopeless - but earrings and sweater are keepers!

Happy New Year everyone! I am at home alone (with Prosecco), hoping against hope there is no vomiting later (complaints of tummies hurting at bedtime always feel me with dread!)

(Lack of photos of me due to my phone seeming to be unable to email pictures at the moment. Not that you - or indeed many - would want to see me in my underwear anyway..!)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

I succumbed to Boxing Day consumerism...

...and here is my Topshop sales haul:

Patent phone sleeve - £5. I saw it the other day while Christmas shopping, stroked it and put it back as I already have a perfectly nice turquoise Smythson phone sleeve - but for £5 this is fun, will make a change, and I love the colour.

Mid heel ballerina shoes - leather - £15. Any leather shoe at £15 is likely to attract my interest - but being on the short side, a mid heeled shoe in a ballerina style is an ideal combination for me. Will be good with crops for spring.  NB also available in snake print but alas not in my size...

Rhinestone shield earrings and curve bar earrings - they just caught my eye :-)  (I may keep, I may stash somewhere in my 'handy gifts for teenagers' department.)

Ladder stripe sweater in black - £12 - looks good over a simple vest top - revealing but still demure for the rare occasions I go out for dinner.

I am now off to look wistfully at holiday websites and wish I had the time, funds and wherewithall to escape for a rest...and when I've done that I shall be heading over to bathroom suppliers' websites to see if there are any bathroom bargains to be had - I am treating myself to a new bathroom in 2013!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas.

Monday, 17 December 2012

A shadow of my former self

Due to various matters outside the happy world of fashion, style and blogging, I am feeling rather under the weather. Let's just say tears have been shed over matters of the heart, and this is not the first Christmas I will remember with sadness. And I was feeling so positive and happy a few weeks ago.  Such is life, I am a big girl and will keep plodding on.

As to matters bloggy, today I wore a Helmut Lang beige / taupe (that old favourite, with me in good times and bad!) dress, with a black Gap t shirt underneath, my long White Company pendant and Aquitalia ankle boots from Russell and Bromley.

When I went out I added a Mulberry peplum jacket and a White Company tassell scarf.

Accessorised today (together with puffy eyes) with the Sainsbury's Zara-esque tote bag.

I hope everyone else is happy and well.

I wonder sometimes why my life has to be lived at such intensities of joy and sadness. Maybe it would be boring any other way....??!!

Monday, 3 December 2012

More notes from (another) shopping expedition

As it says on the tin really, am very short of time, but just 'reporting in' from a shopping trip today. Mainly Christmas shopping (i.e. not for me!) but a few things I felt were too good to miss:

H&M sparkly top dress - really nice - £14.99 - bought? Kerching - you bet!!

H&M hessian sack.... er no wait, actually long knit tunic - for some reason I can't quite fathom - also really like. Bought. £24.00 - unsure why so much more than dress?

H&M zip front dress. Liked. Bought. OH decalres it tarty (?!). Ignoring him for the time being, naturellement - until I get YOUR verdict...!

H&M red crops. Similar to some from Boden which I never got around to ordering. Didn't get. (a) too springlike. (b) Bad fit at rear.

 Sparkly skirt from Topshop. Velvet fabric, stretchy. Should have been great.

But how annoying it is when the patterns don't match at the sides?!  Didn't get. Not terribly flattering over the lumps and bumps anyway I felt. Probably made worse by fact that tried on over trousers as was getting fed up / tired - so didn't give it my best shot!

Shopping ensemble (only included for benefit of decent lighting!)

Love the H&M dress - am out this evening and am wearing it :-)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Assorted daily wear

It's been a bit quiet on the blogging front for me - apologies. It's been a bit hectic here and I barely managed to take a photo each day - but take it I did (dubious quality I'm afraid but hope you get the general idea...)

I must say thank you to Kat from Does my bum look 40 for her tip about Sainsbury's. I liked the 25% off and the spanx type slip she blogged about the other day - couldn't find that but did get the Gok dress and also a rather fab plaited handle shopper.  Dress worked out at £33 something (with the 25% off) and bag about £11 I think. Sorry for my vague pricing - I make a habit of it!!!  Both bargains anyway and the whole shop evened out OK give or take a chicken or two.

Here comes a medley of outfits from the past week:

White Company grey heart print scarf
H&M biker style black felt jacket
Black Gok dress from Sainsbury's
Black Sainsbury's bag

Close up of the Sainsbury's bag

White Company stepped hem sweater
Pure collection snood
Coated jeggings
White Company long pendant
Mulberry Roxanne bag

Crumpet navy feather print scarf
New Look jersey blazer
Primark navy skinny jeans
Primark wedge boots

Pure collection snood
White company grey cashmere tunic
Gap Body long sleeved t shirt
Coated jeggings
Russell & Bromley / Aquitalia ankle boots
Will try to do better next week - but can't imagine how.. Christmas officially seems to 'have started' and I am running out of days to shop / post / fit in all the requisite social engagements - December diary is looking scarily choc-a-bloc already!!
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