Saturday, 22 September 2012

The follies of impatience

Turns out the Primark wedges are not quite as expected once tried on...what disappointment :-(

The problem is mainly that the sole seems very thick / obtrusive / clumpy - especially on the tan version for some reason, which may be an optical illusion. 

The sole, being a lighter colour than the shoe was always a concern I had, as I prefer a matching sole, and on the black version the soles are black. 

The tan pair will I think have to be returned as for some reason they don't seem to work at all on me, though they look better off than on. The burgundy pair could work but, unexpectedly, they seem to work better with opaques and a skirt, rather than with jeans. I think maybe these wedges are at odds with a skinny style trouser, at least, as they are quite a heavy shoe.

Have not mentioned these thoughts yet to poor OH who did me such a favour to get them yesterday on his day off!  Will have to sneak them back on Monday. Why oh why didn't I wait until Monday?  (I am so impatient!)  However, as with so many things you never really know until you get something home and try with different items.

Pictures below:
Burgundy wedges (sorry for appalling dark picture, they ARE burgundy!) - better with a skirt

Tan pair. Wrong somehow... :-(

Burgundy version, slightly better, or is it my imagination?

And what I actually wore before the wedge trying episode:
Made in Heaven Vienna jeans
Jigsaw mole coloured t shirt
Jigsaw roll neck poncho
Aquitalia ankle boots
Brown Mulberry Bayswater

By the way, I saw a nice jacket and jumper in Tesco earlier today, neither bought or even tried on as wasn't in the mood and didn't have time or 'head-space' - but I will be returning to investigate:

Jacket - £28 - on Tesco website here

Burgundy jumper £ match the wedges maybe?  Website link here


  1. The burgundy ones look good to me:) I have often brought items home without trying on first,and they never seem to be quite what you imagine they will be like!My daughter had a similar tan pair last year and she wore them with city shorts and black tights. That look would work well for you I think!

  2. Must admit I think you are right, don't think I go much on them either. Plenty out there though so no doubt you will get a lovely pair x

  3. The colours probably are not working for you and your wardrobe. If you're wearing with black opaques, a pair of black ones with black sole would have been good and you would carry this off very well but unfortunately they don't seem to do them in black or not that I've heard or know of. That's life.

    1. Great news coming up on today's post.....!! :-) :-)


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