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Friday, 3 August 2012

Owls and the studded tote

I've had a few days off lately, and you have to pack as much shopping in as and when you are able :-)  I set out yesterday to return the leopard print skinnies - but I ended up exchanging them for a smaller size which feels much better. My tea dress outfit yesterday was a bit of a wash-out - literally. The heavens opened as I arrived at the shops. I will draw a veil over my fake tanned leg running in the rain and move swiftly on to report on my buys.

As Susie So So blogged the other day, there are an awful lot of owls around at the moment and Primark was no exception. I found a nice owl print scarf which I thought rather cute.

And the tote bag I've harping on about - I got it to shut myself up as much as anything else!  My husband's verdict was blunt: "It's naff..."

Is it?!  I must admit it's not something which would normally appeal to me, but still something was 'calling' me. Maybe somehow, through the pages of Vogue or Bazaar (normally read when almost comatose), I have sub-consciously absorbed that studs are good.

I also bought a bronze tote lined with coral (in the sale - £5) which will be a good beach bag for our holidays.

Primark studded tote bag - £12

Today's outfit below:

Zara skinny trousers in dark brown, Zara beige linen knit cardigan, the new Primark owl scarf, and just to see what it looked like - the new bronze tote.

I also have my eye on another scarf - spotted in Dorothy Perkins. I know, I know, like so much else in my life I'm a bit late on the bandwagon with the patriotic theme - but I just liked the colours and print - which will work with the navy in my wardrobe long after Jubilee / Olympic 2012 fever has faded.

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