Thursday, 13 September 2012

I think I need a midi skirt.

A couple of weeks ago I made a vague mental effort to wear skirts more. Possibly this was due to having bought what felt like the entire sale stock of Zara's skinny jean collection in various colours!  I think I was worried I would wear nothing else so have avoided wearing them - how silly is that?!

Anyway, my mission to wear 'more skirts' has in fact translated to me wearing one skirt practically the whole week (the trusty Jigsaw mini). Clearly this situation needs to change.  I can't even claim to be doing any kind of capsule wardrobe challenge, as demonstrated on the fab smallfabricofmylife blog!

I think a midi skirt could be called for.  I like this one from Boden.

I wonder if anyone has seen it in real life?  It seems to be getting reasonable reviews. I would go for the black I think - yawn  - but it would have to work for work - and denim (blue denim, at any rate) is not allowed.
Boden 'modern midi' skirt
Right, I'm off to sort through my skinny collection and try to find inspiration for tomorrow's look!


  1. I've not seen this dress in RL but I think with nice boots, it could work. It's one of those items that you'd really have to order and try on at home. Are there any reviews on the site yet? I find them really helpful xx

  2. If you want to wear more skirts - give yourself the challenge of wearing jeans every day ... reverse psychology works a treat.

    I'm afraid I can't help you with the skirt.


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