Sunday, 30 September 2012


I caved in and bought a midi skirt (in black) and also, for good measure, a fuschia pink cropped cashmere cardigan.

I like both, although as I am buying my usual size, rather than the (probably) size up I need, they are a smidge on the small side. I refuse to buy a larger size though. In my experience, you (I)  will always expand to fill the space you have, be it wardrobe, house or clothing. I need no encouragement, so breathe in I must while I lose the surplus pounds - and lose them I will :-)

Worn with my black suedette Primark wedge ankle boots and the New Look boucle bag from yesterday.


  1. This culling thing is going great guns ;o)

    I love that you have as much will power as me.

    1. Lol. I know, it's hopeless, I'm going round in circles! The one glimmer of hope is that I will 'blog' my way through it... as at least now I'm documenting my antics, I may be able to see a pattern and rectify...? (Ever optimistic!)


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