Monday, 10 September 2012

Coral bird print dress

Today I was allowed out for good behaviour - a visit to Ikea followed by a mooch around John Lewis. Husband was in attendance (he was needed for the Ikea part as general labourer/carrier etc) - but was something of a hindrance on the John Lewis leg of the outing it must be said!

First day back to school today so this outfit also doubled as a school run starter for 10 - must remember to email it to Avril for the SchoolGateStyle blog school run competition.

My bird print Tesco dress from Wick has its first outing today. I toyed with taking my orange Longchamp bag but in the end took the Orla Kiely again. (On reflection - and viewing of the photos - the orange Longchamp looks better though I think. The O/K is too much of a print clash... You live and learn!)

I paired the dress, as planned, with a black cropped Brora cashmere cardigan, black opaques, and black suede wedge KG shoes.

If anyone is interested, I have a feeling that the dress is still around in Tesco and is now marked down - it was on a rail the other day which had that look about it. I didn't investigate too closely as it would ruin things for me to see it going for a song!

Ooh, ooh - by the way - the M&S snake print scarf in neutral / blush, khaki - I picked it up today in M&S for £5  - and I would have been happy to pay full price (£19.50) for it. I thought it was full price - the label didn't indicate any reduction - what a fantastic bargain. Love it when you get to the till and that happens :-)

Autumn - happy days!


  1. Ooo thanks for the hint - love the dress - may have a little nose around for that! You look lovely by the way and love the bags - I have a bit of a bag habit. X

  2. Great dress and I like it with the OK bag actually! Thanks for the mention and I'm now craving a trip to the dreaded Tesco...which just shows I'd do anything for a lovely dress! Avril x

  3. Well done on the M&S scarf. LOVE when that happens - really brightens up the day! I'm with Avril btw, I prefer the OK bag with the dress also. You look great

  4. The opaques are out! Is it that time of the year already? You look so smart - I have done no dresses since my hols. I prefer the OK bag too - I love pattern clashes.

    I'm not sending my photo in - too embarrassed.

  5. Love this outfit - perfect for this time of year. The tunic I was wearing should be on sale in tesco now. I think it is new stock.

  6. Thanks all - am glad you liked the OK bag with the outfit -knew there must've been a reason why I wore that one :-)


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