Monday, 29 July 2013

What have I been buying? (One year on!)

I thought I should show up and write something. I apologise for presenting that most uninspiring of entries - the photo free zone - but I will try and add some pictures or links later.

It's been holiday season and coupled with that, plus child & parent-sitting and sales shopping and general madness - I am afraid the blog has slipped a bit. That's not to say I don't have items to report - I do, I do!

Where to start?  Well today's haul would be a logical place.

I have developed a bit of a crush on the Body Shop - of all places. Now this had become one of those shops I'd fallen out of love with a long time ago for being a bit gimmicky and uninteresting. However, a cursory visit the other day led me to all sorts of exciting (relatively speaking, I lead a dull life!) purchases.

I bought the fab Mango Body Butter, Chocolate Body Butter and Coconut Body Butter (the latter having a slight shimmer / sparkle when applied).  They all smell divine. The lovely assistant also persuaded me to sign up to their loyalty programme, the card costs £5 per year - but you instantly redeem that with a £5 gift of your choice. I chose the wild rose hand cream (£10) and paid the difference.

I also loved the Strawberry Puree Body Lotion and Vitamin E Body lotion. (And I was pleased to see they still do Banana hair conditioner - a favourite of mine from the late 80s! Although I didn't succomb and get that one, there are some instances when bygones need to be bygones.)

Now to clothes.

The Zara sale has yielded:

  • 'Mirror floral' print top - black short sleeved (above)
  • Loose knit khaki/beige poncho sweater
  • Basic beige silk / cotton v neck sweater
  • Black cargo style skinny trousers
  • Fab Fab Fab blue leopoard print scarf which was not marked down on the label and for which I would happily have paid full price (£19) - found at the till it was down to £7.99 - don't you just LOVE it when that happens? :-)
  • Navy/ dark blue panelled long silky feel blouse / tunic - pleat front, long bell shaped sleeves, collarless style - just lovely

Also have recently acquired:

  • A blush / beige / pinky toned mottled print scarf in Monsoon - down to £11.
  • A nude colour loose rectangular style top from The White Company outlet shop
  • Modalu leather bag from Ebay
  • Ralph Lauren black and white striped jersey top from TK Maxx
  • Blush pink Calvin Klein jeans shorts - also from TK Maxx

So - as you can see I've not been idle (apart from on the photo front!) and am busy outfit planning and working out how my new purchases will integrate with existing ones. Hopefully the blog will be up and running in earnest again with pictures very soon.


PS I realised the blog turned one yesterday. It's been such fun and I especially love 'meeting' and comparing notes with other bloggers - what a fabulous, friendly and stylish bunch you are.

The ups and downs of life in the past year have meant I rate it under 'could do better' - but here's hoping that is fulfilled in year 2!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Forget all attempts at minimalism.

I've gone mad. Is there a full moon?  A quick tally of my in-box reveals err... about 6 online orders pending.  That doesn't count a smattering of eBay purchases either. Oops. (However, eBay doesn't count as it's classed as recyling of the finest order. Fact!)

First up - another pair of Boyfriend jeans. Don't do things by halves, do I? One minute she detests them, the next they are multiplying like mad.

I blame this purchase on (a) Red Magazine (bought solely for free Elemis skin care), which had a feature on Selfridges' new denim studio; and (b) the novelty of being able to buy Primark online...(from Selfridges no less!)

I await delivery of the Primark boyfriend jean offering. Has anyone else tried them?

I must say, although a late convert to the 'boyfriend' style, I am loving them... the insouciant (she fondly hopes!) shape, the cuffed hem, the looser, slouchier (more forgiving?) fit, and the fact that they stay up unbelted (higher rise?)

The looser fit is also a comfortable option for the warmer weather.  Not that they will be limited to summer wear. Autumn-mad woman that I am, I have already tried with boots. I looked just like (a demented female version of) young Jim 'down the farm' about to go into the milking parlour...!! (Not saying that's necessarily a good thing... but the look certainly didn't scream 'try hard'!)

Primark, £11

I was inspired by Susie SoSo's fab jersey biker jacket find from Tesco, which incidentally is now even more of a fab find as it's been reduced to £7, but tragically, there were none in stock in my size. Can't see it on the website, but there were still a few in store today. Absolutely gutted. (The White Company one had better be worth the extra!)

Love the anticipation of new parcels arriving. And it's my birthday this I am justified in splashing out a teeny bit. 

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