Saturday, 1 September 2012

My lovely fellow bloggers. And a Longchamp bag.

D'you know what, when I started this little blog, I never expected anyone even to find it, much less read it, much much less take time and trouble to comment. And not just comment but be so kind and encouraging. And really, my posts are so feeble compared to the fabulous blogs I am following.  I am in awe of your skills and dedication and thank you kindly!

Your encouraging comments have been just what the doctor ordered to motivate me to get my arse (or at least my typing fingers) in gear. My arse also needs to get in gear, I have taken to eating like it were going out of fashion, and have at least half a stone to lose. Now if that's not a motivation for the new season, what is?!

Anyway, as usual I digress...

Nothing very inspiring, or ground breaking was worn today. But at last I've taken a pic!

  • White Company dark indigo jeans (look black because of poor lighting and my dodgy camera - will aim to improve the quality of pics I promise!)
  • Zara beige linen knit cardi with lovely droopy back hem (longer than front) - oh so flattering on my current podgy.
  • Primark scarf - beige / black (some kind of animal - zebra?) print - with a shocking pink border
  • Black primark flat ballet pumps.

Now to handbag news:

I've been using my trusty navy Longchamp tote all through summer < it's waterproof ;-)  > and on a foray to the John Lewis sale about a month ago, to my delight they had some in the sale. One such was the orange colour-way - which I'd had my eye on, and was further encouraged by one of those articles at the end of Vogue - short snappy one-pagers where some uber- stylish person lists their essentials... Anyway - one of the items this (naturally very stylish) person whose name sadly escapes me had listed  was an orange Longchamp tote!  Now I am not a total sheep honestly - I had my eye on it first. But it's always nice to have a little endorsement - to stop the self doubt creeping in - of the "orange? Really!  It's obviously pants, that's why it's in the sale" variety....

I had a minor panic when getting it out to take the photo this evening, as I'd had to secrete it away from husband's prying eyes (as you do...)  I didn't much fancy the 'you don't need another bag' grief. I had a panicky moment but after a brief rummage it was found safe and sound at the bottom of the wardrobe - phew!

In other news, I have to confess a crush. I had a lovely local carpenter call round this evening to quote for moving a door. He's happily married - so enough of the rumour mill! However,  I must confess I am a tad envious of his lovely wife. What bliss it must be to be married to a man who can conjure up all manner of cupboards, loft conversions, shelves, windows and doors etc. And there's something very appealing about a man in work clothes covered in sawdust!  Now I'd better sign off with that note, (and have a cold shower!) I hope this doesn't read as 'iffy' - it's an innocent thought I assure you!


  1. You were absolutely right to buy the orange bag. There's nothing like a pop of bright colour to cheer up the dark days of winter!

  2. You had me dashing off to the John Lewis site in search of the orange Longchamp! I ideally want a navy but I could be persuaded by an orange one ... fickle, fickle, fickle me.

    And never be envious of a woman living with a tradesman - they have the worst houses because their hubs/other halves do not want to go home and do more of it.

    And I'm glad you've got your mojo back!

  3. Great bag choice! I want one in red.
    One Chic Mom


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