Sunday, 30 September 2012


I caved in and bought a midi skirt (in black) and also, for good measure, a fuschia pink cropped cashmere cardigan.

I like both, although as I am buying my usual size, rather than the (probably) size up I need, they are a smidge on the small side. I refuse to buy a larger size though. In my experience, you (I)  will always expand to fill the space you have, be it wardrobe, house or clothing. I need no encouragement, so breathe in I must while I lose the surplus pounds - and lose them I will :-)

Worn with my black suedette Primark wedge ankle boots and the New Look boucle bag from yesterday.

Spot the difference

Here's where blogging (from a reader's point of view) gets tricky. Where do you draw the line between inspiration and slavish buying?!

Exhibit 1:  Me

Has Toast denim shirt (which probably cost small fortune). Admittedly had forgotten about, but that's a separate problem...
Sees bargainous New Look denim shirt on the gorgeous Beth from Style Guile.
Prefers bargainous New Look shirt.
Buys bargainous New Look shirt.
Now has two very similar denim shirts.
New Look (left); Toast (right)
There's nothing wrong with my Toast shirt, per se.

But the New Look version has some nice touches, like the curved side hem and pearlescent buttons (poppers). It also has a more fitted shape. 

As you can tell, the wardrobe edit is hardly going to plan. I'm meant to be weeding out duplicates and unnecessary items - not accumulating more!

Here they are on - sorry for poor photo quality, hope you get the idea:
Toast version
New Look version
In other news, I think I will have to return the Topshop star print jumper. Love it. Love the feel of it. However, it... I don't know.... it just doesn't seem to work with what I have - which as you may have detected is my new rationale for purchasing - and keeping - items.  

Actually, that's not strictly true. It did work a bit better (was less starry) when I added a gilet, but I was unsure whether or not that was necessarily a good sign. I'll leave you with the photos:
Sans Gilet

Avec Gilet (by Musto, should anyone care).
One further purchase to report today. A bag from the New Look sale.
'Bella boucle bag' - New Look

Was cheap. Looks it (I fear) - on close inspection anyway. 

I do like the boucle fabric and the big stud-like clasp (me... studs.... bags... hmm, a theme...?) 

Anyhow, the white piping around the edge detracts a bit. But overall it's OK. For £6.

I'm stuck with it anyway, as I discovered today that New Look do not refund on sale items. Although I suppose I could always get a credit note, maybe then I could buy another denim shirt - why stop at two...! :-)

Friday, 28 September 2012

More studs....

Heaven help me, I bought another studded tote from Primark. This one is, possibly, subtler and therefore may be more successful than the earlier experiment here (which ended up being returned).

Here's the latest one, in all its glory:

I'm still unsure why I keep being drawn to these bags, but I guess for £9 it's a risk worth taking, although normally my philosophy is not to buy something purely because it's cheap.

Now, as if a studded bag wasn't enough, I also picked up some studded boots in Topshop. These are unbelievably comfortable, and being a practical creature these days (most of the time!) this swayed my decision more than anything. OK, the fact that they have the seemingly inescapable studs, and hence look reasonably 'with it' helps a bit as well I guess!  

The style is called 'Millicent' and here's the Topshop website link (have just seen they have good reviews on there, so maybe a wise buy):

And finally... a coat. I bought this in Zara and it's very warm, soft, light and snuggly, all the things I look for in a coat. Stye, you note, not being on the list - oops!  

I'm torn between this one (which is not on the Zara website) and another which I also tried on and which I think looks much better in real life (see lower down).  

I ended up buying the 'greige' colour as I have so much else in navy... but I wonder if it was a wise decision. Navy suits me and it's more practical - I may decide to change it.
The coat I bought

The coat I didn't buy

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wardrobe edit options: 2 - Much Loved Favourites

I'm still trying to crack this wardrobe editing business. Another approach is the 'what do you love and wear to death?' school of thought.

The flaw with this is that it ignores (a) the suitability of the items; and (b) how you look in them - the opposite of the logical and rational approach. And therefore so me.

e.g. currently, I love and / or wear to death:

  • Jigsaw short black moleskin skirt (desperately need navy equivalent, cord would do - anyone seen a simple straight navy cord skirt?)
  • Black cord Uniqlo cord skirt
  • Black opaques
  • Jeans - Zara / White Company / Primark
  • Slouchy 'longer at back than front' linen knit cardigans - beige & navy
  • Ancient Monsoon navy trench coat (don't think this has ever featured in a post, usually I forget to include coat pictures - must rectify this!)
  • Black patent Russell & Bromley loafers
  • Flat black patent pumps / ballerina pumps 
  • Basic vests and white shirts
Love but not currently wearing as had forgotten about until started writing this post:
  • Beige drapey jersey unstructured cowl neck Helmut Lang dress - like a long overgrown t-shirt (must wear and feature could I have forgotten it?!)
  • Navy Blue Phase 8 dress - also drapey jersey 

Love but bit too small at moment (clothes not me!):

  • White company black cropped capri trousers
  • Ditto in beige
  • Pink collarless shirt
  • Grey M&S tailored dress
  • Beige Jigsaw pencil skirt
  • White company sleeveless long grey cashmere tunic
  • Toast basic black skinny trousers
The above represent less than 20% of my wardrobe - there we go - the 80/20 rule in perfect demonstration again!

As to the 'capsule suitability' of the above list...?  I don't know. I suppose there are some good basics there. Maybe they could form the basis of a 'capsule'.  

Oh, by the way, I may have snuk one or two Topshop items into my possession yesterday as well - still deciding on these, but in and of themselves I like them.  Don't ask me if they qualify as capsule items!

Topshop 'knitted shimmer star'  print jumper - £36 (don't know why it's called 'shimmer' - it doesn't.  On Topshop website here:

Topshop 'Ladder stitch sweater' - burgundy sheer knit top - £26 - on Topshop website here:

I also saw, but didn't buy, this t shirt which in retrospect I like:
But there you have it - I liked it but didn't get it as I felt it may not be a sensible or long term purchase. 

But sigh - I should have got it. Based on the thinking behind this post I should, anyway. 

I'll leave the next option - 'a long hard logical look at your wardrobe' for another day!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's a-returning boots I go...

A manic day today, straight off to Primark after the school drop off. It was pelting down with rain, not great for motorway (complete with multiple roadworks) driving, but I'm nothing if not dedicated, some would say foolhardy!

So, off I set in pursuit of the elusive black Primark wedges, and to return the tan version in any case.

Now, OH swore blind there were no black wedges last week,  but today -  'ta-da' - there they were - which sweetened the 'driving in rain and cones' pill somewhat, I must admit.  (Just goes to prove by the way, never listen to a Primark assistant, as OH even went so far as to enquire if they would be having a delivery of the black version, to be told emphatically 'No'!)

Here they are....
Mwah - you little beauties.

The black version look much better than their £15 price tag would suggest - and really are just what I was looking for - so lesson learned regarding the impatience - I'm a very 'happy-shopper'.

Now regular readers of this madcap blog may recall that between my local Primark and the car park lies a nice Zara. So Primark hauls always  often go hand in hand with a Zara purchase.

Today, having decided that I would make do with what I had - I know - such a hypocrite - I also bought a red dress - it is tres flattering on - and remember that I resemble a telly tubby at present - so that is no mean feat. Those of you who look great anyway may well look positively goddess like in this lovely dress. (Here it is on the Zara website.)
Zara dress - £35.99
Before I sign off - the best find of the day was this pair of Acne-a-like boots, also from Primark for £18. I was exceedingly pleased to find these having seen that the Topshop 'Mighty' Acne Pistol lookalikes had sold out online in tan.

For £18 these will do very nicely :-)

Acne Pistol-a-likes from Primark - £18

Sunday, 23 September 2012

One of those 'confused wardrobe' days

Today was spent mostly in a fug of confusion :-/

It all started with a scarf sort out. I have an addiction to scarves, and after perusing the Joules catalogue earlier, where given free reign, I would probably have spent at least £300 unnecesarily (not all on scarves) I realised that some planning and logic is required. <Watch this space for my next 'wardrobe edit' post - 'option 2 rationalising and starting from scratch'...>

I have realised, maybe since starting this blog, that I tend to buy things that appeal to me and that I 'like' - without much regard to how said item(s) will work with the rest of my wardrobe.

Trouble is, if I try the alternative approach, i.e. shopping on the basis of what will work with my wardrobe, quite a lot seems to be required to match up with and make sense of earlier, more random, purchases.

So basically, I'm stymied. For example, I have about 15 items in my online Boden basket (why is Boden so seductive? I shouldn't be relying on them to fill wardrobe holes!)  The blurb about basic / essential tops etc - sigh - it seems so sensible and so seductive. I do really need basic long sleeved tops. But I can't or can't be bothered to calculate which colour and neck options would best work.

Crew neck / scoop neck - berry or bay?  I got quite cross with everything in the end, and have decided to take a hermit approach  and just use what I have dammit, and not add to Johnnie's millions.  If a pressing needs presents itself, I may make an exception...

So, using this as a basis, today I wore:
Zara 'distressed' jeans (good fit with my state of mind)
Primark black vest
Boden old yellow cardigan
(Just seen... TU breton striped top... stripes are not v flattering at the moment; best hidden)
Zara butterfly scarf
Primark black ballerina pumps

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The follies of impatience

Turns out the Primark wedges are not quite as expected once tried on...what disappointment :-(

The problem is mainly that the sole seems very thick / obtrusive / clumpy - especially on the tan version for some reason, which may be an optical illusion. 

The sole, being a lighter colour than the shoe was always a concern I had, as I prefer a matching sole, and on the black version the soles are black. 

The tan pair will I think have to be returned as for some reason they don't seem to work at all on me, though they look better off than on. The burgundy pair could work but, unexpectedly, they seem to work better with opaques and a skirt, rather than with jeans. I think maybe these wedges are at odds with a skinny style trouser, at least, as they are quite a heavy shoe.

Have not mentioned these thoughts yet to poor OH who did me such a favour to get them yesterday on his day off!  Will have to sneak them back on Monday. Why oh why didn't I wait until Monday?  (I am so impatient!)  However, as with so many things you never really know until you get something home and try with different items.

Pictures below:
Burgundy wedges (sorry for appalling dark picture, they ARE burgundy!) - better with a skirt

Tan pair. Wrong somehow... :-(

Burgundy version, slightly better, or is it my imagination?

And what I actually wore before the wedge trying episode:
Made in Heaven Vienna jeans
Jigsaw mole coloured t shirt
Jigsaw roll neck poncho
Aquitalia ankle boots
Brown Mulberry Bayswater

By the way, I saw a nice jacket and jumper in Tesco earlier today, neither bought or even tried on as wasn't in the mood and didn't have time or 'head-space' - but I will be returning to investigate:

Jacket - £28 - on Tesco website here

Burgundy jumper £ match the wedges maybe?  Website link here

Friday, 21 September 2012

Footwear by Primark... facilitated by a surprisingly competent other half!

As you can see - he made it!  

Primark wedge shoe / boots purchased in tan and burgundy, as well as the Primark 'velveteen' (another of my Mum's favourite words!) slipper shoes.  Sadly the black wedges were out of stock otherwise I would no doubt be the proud owner of those as well. I may well try to hunt these down elsewhere, as they really are a such a snip, and I love a good wedge. :-) 

I think, secretly, husband is just delighted (though somewhat bewildered) to have found a store where such plentiful quantities of footwear can be purchased for such modest sums.  And more to the point, that I am happy with them...

The wedge boots are £15 a piece, and the shoes £6.

All three have a velvety feel, including the wedge boots which I thought might feel more like your common or garden 'faux suede' - or again to coin my Mum, 'suedette'.  

<Incidentally, Mum also talks of 'leatherette' - which phrase I shall reprise when I turn my attention to the 'pleather' offerings awaiting consideration. Has a certain retro ring about it which appeals to me.> 

The boots feel comfortable and 'stable' (i.e. not wobbly and inclined to fall over.... come now, I must factor such considerations, I am over 40 after all!)  I really like them - they have a good shape.

I have concluded I will have to send OH shopping more often. If you are planning to put your OH to this useful purpose, be sure to provide exact descriptions and even then, be prepared to take puzzled calls of the 'There's so much!' and 'They all look the same' and 'No they don't have laces, but they're similar' variety. 

I'm hoping to visit myself next week, as I have my eye on one or two jackets, including the parka with pleather leatherette sleeves as featured by Avril at SchoolGateStyle the other day.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

A touch of pink

I decided to wear a fairly old Joules pink top today.

An odd decision in some respects, as it's as clingy as you like and only serves to underline my current need for radishes (then again, that's no bad thing!) - but peeking out from underneath the navy it brightened everything up a bit.
Scarf - Primark
Cardigan - Zara
T shirt - Joules
Navy cords - Tesco
Black patent flats - Autograph M&S

In other news, I have decided some wedge shoe -boots would be a useful addition. I was considering these from Boden.

However, following Kat's post the other day on 'Does my bum look 40 in this?' - I'm now planning to try the Primark version (Good old Primark!) - at least £100 cheaper, can't go wrong really. Well - I say that - but there is a potential sting in the tail.... I am working tomorrow (boo), husband is not (double boo). Hence he has been assigned the task to go to a Primark and buy them. A curious mixture of danger and comedy I feel!

Watch this space for a report back on what he actually comes home with :-D

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wardrobe edit options: 1. The Emotional Cut

No photos today as I look ghastly in everything. Something. Must. Be. Done.
(Con: I am greedy. Pro: Luckily I generally lose weight fairly easily once I stop consuming cake.)

Anyway, putting aside the fact that if I did a wardrobe edit in my current mood and physical state, my wardrobe would be empty as almost nothing fits me, I am ploughing ahead with some thoughts on how to conduct a good sort out.

I'm sure we've all seen the articles and tips on this. Most are of the 'lay everything out and bin anything you haven't worn in a year' variety.  Well maybe there is sense in that.  However, being the emotional, moon-ruled creature that I am, the clear cut approach has never sat entirely right with me.

Whenever I have a sort out, I find myself almost sub-consciously categorising my clothes without being sure of the rationale I am using.

It's difficult to explain, but you know what you really really love.  This is what you should have in your wardrobe. Anything else (while not necessarily bin-fodder) is in the wrong place.

For example, if husband (he whose mission in life is trying to be helpful and invariably failing) comes into the room at a strategic point with a bin bag and attempts to gather up the 'wrong' pile, the fact that a ballistic reaction is generated tells you that these items are definitely 'keepers'.  If you let him gather, they're 'goners'. If you think hmm wrong pile, but are not screaming blue murder, then they are probably also 'goners', but less obviously so.

1. Stuff you love and currently wear or know you will do when weather is appropriate;  (Message to husband 'No No No - LEAVE ALONE!')

2. Stuff you no longer wear and may no longer love, but the logical part of you is saying 'that cost a lot' or ' that's a good quality item / investment'; (Message to Husband: 'Hmmm, no.')

3. Stuff that is past its sell by date, damaged, worn out, stained etc. (Message to husband: 'Thank you dear, how helpful, gather away.')

That may well be it. However, just in case there are any more people like me (worrying thought!)  we probably need a sub-category:

3(a).   Stuff you won't wear again but need to keep. Maybe there are happy memories attached, like when you got your first job, met your spouse etc. Limit the items you keep in this category to an absolute minimum - no larger than a medium size plastic storage tub, wrap everything in tissue, seal and label. A potential 'time capsule' to be discovered by future generations. 

I suppose the tricky bit is working out how to deal with category "2".

Ebay is one option.  Or can/ should you examine the rest of your clothes / accessories and see if you can generate more looks and break the mould a bit to get the deserved use out if it...?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The 80 / 20 rule

You know the saying that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?
'The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

(Incidentally - in the case of my wardrobe, I think I have honed it even further. At the moment, I reckon I am wearing about 10% around 90% of the time! )
My question is, how much do we need the 80% of our clothes that we only wear 20% of the time?
I think I need to put some thought a future post dealing with conducting a good wardrobe edit. 
I thought I'd done a pretty good de-clutter a few months ago - but still I have things just hanging there which I currently have no inclination to wear - none whatsoever, and yet even within the lifespan of this blog I was rather fond of them!
Am I such an extreme creature of moods?  
Is my style personality a bit 'Jekyll and Hyde'?   
Does this just signal the end of the road for those particular items?
Dare I get rid of such clothes, or will I have regrets?  
I've been there before, you know - when you have a ruthless clear out and then find yourself a few months down the line thinking:  'ooh I know what I fancy wearing today - that nice green sweater/ brown dress / grey top etc etc' - cue a mad head first dive into the wardrobe, only to emerge red faced, dishevelled, empty handed and bewildered, before it dawns on you that you in fact no longer have that item - you took it to the charity shop back along.
If anyone has the answers, or even if this resonates with you - please do comment and help me retain my marbles!
PS Having decided to wear skirts, of course I am now in jeans. 

'Distressed' Zara jeans, navy Zara cardigan, white Primark vest, pale blue pashmina scarf from John Lewis. 
Exciting? No. 
In the 20 (or in my case 10)%?  Definitely!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I think I need a midi skirt.

A couple of weeks ago I made a vague mental effort to wear skirts more. Possibly this was due to having bought what felt like the entire sale stock of Zara's skinny jean collection in various colours!  I think I was worried I would wear nothing else so have avoided wearing them - how silly is that?!

Anyway, my mission to wear 'more skirts' has in fact translated to me wearing one skirt practically the whole week (the trusty Jigsaw mini). Clearly this situation needs to change.  I can't even claim to be doing any kind of capsule wardrobe challenge, as demonstrated on the fab smallfabricofmylife blog!

I think a midi skirt could be called for.  I like this one from Boden.

I wonder if anyone has seen it in real life?  It seems to be getting reasonable reviews. I would go for the black I think - yawn  - but it would have to work for work - and denim (blue denim, at any rate) is not allowed.
Boden 'modern midi' skirt
Right, I'm off to sort through my skinny collection and try to find inspiration for tomorrow's look!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ankle boots - a year early!

There's no escaping the fact that ankle boots are the footwear 'of the moment' this season.

Luckily, I had some languishing in my wardrobe from last year meaning one less shopping trip (with the associated angst and decisions) is required. And even luckily-er,  I found out about all these wonderful bloggers who assure me that these great boots are still so 'on-trend'!

I do buy things I love and don't mind too much if they are 'in fashion', mind you, but it's always nice when your preferences and current trends collide - am sure I will get lots of extra wear this autumn/ winter.

The boots are black suede Aquitalia from Russell and Bromley.  I will be wearing them with opaques and skirts/dresses as well as skinnies. They give me much needed height with a decent heel and a small platform, and are so comfortable to wear.  I would imagine R&B will stock them again this year as most of the popular styles seem to be repeated.

So what was I wearing today?

  • Jigsaw velvet skirt (Trusty, trusty staple. 1p cost per wear maximum - and counting!)
  • Zara beige linen knit drapey cardi (Looks like this is also going down the same mega low cpw route!)
  • New M&S snakeprint scarf (has been blogged about endlessly, so didn't think a close up required as I'm sure you all know what it looks like!)
  • Autograph M&S flat patent leather pumps. So comfortable. So simple. So smart. So bargainous thanks to a footwear discount voucher I happened to have.  (Grrr - so why are they not then repeated this season??)
Because I am very lazy, the bag was the Orla Kiely stem print which has featured the last couple of days. However, were I not so lazy and had I been inclined to streamline bag contents - then the bag would have been Mulberry Antony. And perhaps will be tomorrow, unless a colourful bag seems to be in order again.

I bought my Anthony in a Mulberry outlet store - so the style is slightly different from the full price versions (which have the extra slip pocket on the front) - but who's noticing?  It's still the genuine article and at vast discount, I'm certainly not complaining.

While on the subject of Mulberry - I'm totally craving the Bayswater tote bag. 

I have (ahem... too many) classic Bayswater bags - but I love the tote version as well. Have steeled myself not even to look/enquire in the outlet - as there would be severe lack of willpower and very real danger of definite buying, which really would not be a good idea!  

Perhaps, if Johnnie sends a good discount code (Boden PR people - are you reading this?) I might consider buying the Boden 'Chelsea' bag which has the same feel about it.

Finally, one more footwear item to talk about. These cute leopard print flats from Zara have so far not been worn - but I'm planning to rectify that very soon.  I bought them back in mid August - and they were a snip at £19.99. Maybe a bit of print clashing with the snake print scarf, maybe not. But they'll look good with some black skinnies and the ever present beige slouchy knits!

You may remember my ongoing battle with the leopard print Primark skinny jeans. No such dilemma here. I present the acceptable face of leopard print for the 40 year old woman!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Coral bird print dress

Today I was allowed out for good behaviour - a visit to Ikea followed by a mooch around John Lewis. Husband was in attendance (he was needed for the Ikea part as general labourer/carrier etc) - but was something of a hindrance on the John Lewis leg of the outing it must be said!

First day back to school today so this outfit also doubled as a school run starter for 10 - must remember to email it to Avril for the SchoolGateStyle blog school run competition.

My bird print Tesco dress from Wick has its first outing today. I toyed with taking my orange Longchamp bag but in the end took the Orla Kiely again. (On reflection - and viewing of the photos - the orange Longchamp looks better though I think. The O/K is too much of a print clash... You live and learn!)

I paired the dress, as planned, with a black cropped Brora cashmere cardigan, black opaques, and black suede wedge KG shoes.

If anyone is interested, I have a feeling that the dress is still around in Tesco and is now marked down - it was on a rail the other day which had that look about it. I didn't investigate too closely as it would ruin things for me to see it going for a song!

Ooh, ooh - by the way - the M&S snake print scarf in neutral / blush, khaki - I picked it up today in M&S for £5  - and I would have been happy to pay full price (£19.50) for it. I thought it was full price - the label didn't indicate any reduction - what a fantastic bargain. Love it when you get to the till and that happens :-)

Autumn - happy days!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A little more colour... what I need.

I've been putting some thought into how to inject some more colour into my outfits, and remembered this cute Orla Kiely sling tote bag I bought a couple of years ago. I love the colourful classic stem print. The handle is long enough to be worn across the body too - so it's uber practical as well as a good looker.

I'm also wearing an old Boden blazer with white stitching and buttons, navy blue skinny jeans,  long grey vest, satin pumps (all Primark) and a Hobbs NW3 red bird print scarf.

I often take my cue for outfit inspiration from accessories rather than the other way around.

Start with a great bag or a scarf, I say, and make the rest fit!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Autumn wear and a harvest chandelier.

I think I need to start this post with a disclaimer. The outfits I am posting at the moment are not necessarily:
(a) exciting
(b) to be recommended
(c) anything anyone else would be interested in..!

Just wanted to clear that up. But I need to plod on, through high point and low point - and clearly we are in a low point at present :-D  Once I bounce back from my focus on the house I'm hoping things will get more interesting. I am planning a Boden order next week with the proceeds of some Ebay selling - so watch this space!

This is from Friday, back to work after two days off sewing.  It felt autumnal enough to crack open the opaque tights and give the loafers a dusting off - hooray!  On reflection though - how gloomy, I could have added a scarf - ho-hum.  Maybe I subconsciously dressed to reflect my lack of  'pzazz' at the moment?!

  • Charcoal linen knit cardigan from Zara - long at the back, shorter at the front (absolute treasure until those extra pounds go...)
  • Grey camisole from Primark
  • Black velvet / moleskin skirt from Jigsaw
  • Black patent 'Chester' loafers from Russell & Bromley.
  • Purple bead necklace (old) from Accessorize.

Continuing the home decoration theme, I am pleased to finally have my new (old) chandelier up and working. I love it. I have a dangerous antique lighting obsession and must stop now, otherwise I will have run out of rooms to hang them in!  I have banned myself from driving past my favourite shop which always has a dazzling selection on display. 

I do love this one though - the ears of corn and the gold colour are so beautiful - and so appropriate for the time of year :-)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I was amazed to see that Helen from the lovely blog The Flaky Fashionista has nominated my blog for a 'Liebster Blog Award' - thank you very much Helen!
This has led to a first for me - two posts in one day (just, we are almost into Sunday!)
Being new to blogging (and a bit dim!) I am not 100% sure what I need to do, apart from answer the questions  posed below and nominate another 5 blogs.  (If I need to do anything else, hopefully one of you kind people will let me know!)
The questions...
1. Why did you start to blog? 

I suppose, I like writing, or rather ruminating and recording the details, or even wittering to myself, and thought this would be a fun way to document my mental ramblings - and take some pictiures to see what worked and maybe what didn't work for me clothes wise. I (usually!) enjoy clothes and shopping and putting things together - and this seemed like a good way to network, and share ideas, and develop my style.
2. How has blogging changed your life if at all?
Lately it's restored my faith in human nature!  I'd been feeling a bit flat and deflated, what with the end of summer, and a series of sad news stories in the media didn't help... and when I wrote a blog post commenting that I felt a bit down and hadn't been blogging so much, all my lovely blogging friends took the time to comment and cheer me up - so kind!
3. Who, dead or alive, would be your perfect four dinner party guests.
  • Winston Churchill 
  • Florence Nightingale 
  • Stephen Fry
  • Jackie Kennedy
(I am sure there are loads of others I would love to 'invite' - but these are the first four who sprung to mind.)
4. If you could be anyone in history, who would you be?
I have always admired Elizabeth I - but I'm not sure I would actually have wanted to be her. Maybe she could come as an extra dinner guest...?
5. Why?  (I assume this means why Elizabeth I etc...)

Well, I think she was very courageous as she had a lot of tragedy and danger in her early life, having her mother executed and being imprisoned in the tower, and Hampton Court for much of her childhood. Before she became queen she was surrounded by people who would have liked to get rid of her. In an age where women had few leading roles, she was clearly a strong leader, and the fact that she (intentionally or otherwise) reigned alone, and never married, I find inspiring. 

Now the blogs (who have under 200 followers)  I would like to nominate are as follows :

My lovely fellow bloggers. And a Longchamp bag.

D'you know what, when I started this little blog, I never expected anyone even to find it, much less read it, much much less take time and trouble to comment. And not just comment but be so kind and encouraging. And really, my posts are so feeble compared to the fabulous blogs I am following.  I am in awe of your skills and dedication and thank you kindly!

Your encouraging comments have been just what the doctor ordered to motivate me to get my arse (or at least my typing fingers) in gear. My arse also needs to get in gear, I have taken to eating like it were going out of fashion, and have at least half a stone to lose. Now if that's not a motivation for the new season, what is?!

Anyway, as usual I digress...

Nothing very inspiring, or ground breaking was worn today. But at last I've taken a pic!

  • White Company dark indigo jeans (look black because of poor lighting and my dodgy camera - will aim to improve the quality of pics I promise!)
  • Zara beige linen knit cardi with lovely droopy back hem (longer than front) - oh so flattering on my current podgy.
  • Primark scarf - beige / black (some kind of animal - zebra?) print - with a shocking pink border
  • Black primark flat ballet pumps.

Now to handbag news:

I've been using my trusty navy Longchamp tote all through summer < it's waterproof ;-)  > and on a foray to the John Lewis sale about a month ago, to my delight they had some in the sale. One such was the orange colour-way - which I'd had my eye on, and was further encouraged by one of those articles at the end of Vogue - short snappy one-pagers where some uber- stylish person lists their essentials... Anyway - one of the items this (naturally very stylish) person whose name sadly escapes me had listed  was an orange Longchamp tote!  Now I am not a total sheep honestly - I had my eye on it first. But it's always nice to have a little endorsement - to stop the self doubt creeping in - of the "orange? Really!  It's obviously pants, that's why it's in the sale" variety....

I had a minor panic when getting it out to take the photo this evening, as I'd had to secrete it away from husband's prying eyes (as you do...)  I didn't much fancy the 'you don't need another bag' grief. I had a panicky moment but after a brief rummage it was found safe and sound at the bottom of the wardrobe - phew!

In other news, I have to confess a crush. I had a lovely local carpenter call round this evening to quote for moving a door. He's happily married - so enough of the rumour mill! However,  I must confess I am a tad envious of his lovely wife. What bliss it must be to be married to a man who can conjure up all manner of cupboards, loft conversions, shelves, windows and doors etc. And there's something very appealing about a man in work clothes covered in sawdust!  Now I'd better sign off with that note, (and have a cold shower!) I hope this doesn't read as 'iffy' - it's an innocent thought I assure you!
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