Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shimmer star jumper, it was meant to be...

Sometimes you only truly realise you love something after it has gone.

A deep statement, with far too many levels to explore fully here.

As this is a (sort of) fashion blog, I will keep it very superficial and say that I bought, then returned, this Topshop star print jumper a week or so ago, and now I miss it and want it back - doh!  Will I never learn?

('Darn, I thought I'd escaped being owned by a madwoman...')
The fuel and parking costs will have practically doubled the cost. I think I'd better order it online this time.

I feel very foolish. It is just me that has mad capers back and forth like this?  Please don't tell me I am the only mad, indecisive one here...!

I am also very confused, as it didn't seem to work that well with my other clothes when it was in my possession, but I just really liked it. I seem to remember a while back I wrote a post called 'just wear what you love...'  and I suppose there are worse ways to decide on your clothes!  But (in my case, at any rate) it has the potential for a rather haphazard - or let's be polite, eccentric - approach to dressing yourself.

As long as no readers of this blog expect sensible, level headed capsule wardrobe advice, we'll all be just fine!


  1. You're not alone .... I do it all the time. I order, return, wish I hadn't, buy it again, return and start the cycle again. I suppose it's a cheap way to spend the same bit of money over and over again.

    Is the jumper still around? Get it and then you can decide again. You never know - this time you might hate it and then you can return it and know that you were right in the first place. Or you could just fall in love with it and be happy. We can all enjoy the madness together.

    1. Have a feeling this inner debate will run and run - (watch - if you can bear it! - this space). x

  2. I understand - I have done the same myself.

  3. You're hilarious. Can't say I've ever missed something that I've returned, but I've definitely missed things that I wish I had bought :)

    1. Lol - my idiotic purchasing habits know no bounds! x


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