Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wardrobe edit options: 2 - Much Loved Favourites

I'm still trying to crack this wardrobe editing business. Another approach is the 'what do you love and wear to death?' school of thought.

The flaw with this is that it ignores (a) the suitability of the items; and (b) how you look in them - the opposite of the logical and rational approach. And therefore so me.

e.g. currently, I love and / or wear to death:

  • Jigsaw short black moleskin skirt (desperately need navy equivalent, cord would do - anyone seen a simple straight navy cord skirt?)
  • Black cord Uniqlo cord skirt
  • Black opaques
  • Jeans - Zara / White Company / Primark
  • Slouchy 'longer at back than front' linen knit cardigans - beige & navy
  • Ancient Monsoon navy trench coat (don't think this has ever featured in a post, usually I forget to include coat pictures - must rectify this!)
  • Black patent Russell & Bromley loafers
  • Flat black patent pumps / ballerina pumps 
  • Basic vests and white shirts
Love but not currently wearing as had forgotten about until started writing this post:
  • Beige drapey jersey unstructured cowl neck Helmut Lang dress - like a long overgrown t-shirt (must wear and feature soon...how could I have forgotten it?!)
  • Navy Blue Phase 8 dress - also drapey jersey 

Love but bit too small at moment (clothes not me!):

  • White company black cropped capri trousers
  • Ditto in beige
  • Pink collarless shirt
  • Grey M&S tailored dress
  • Beige Jigsaw pencil skirt
  • White company sleeveless long grey cashmere tunic
  • Toast basic black skinny trousers
The above represent less than 20% of my wardrobe - there we go - the 80/20 rule in perfect demonstration again!

As to the 'capsule suitability' of the above list...?  I don't know. I suppose there are some good basics there. Maybe they could form the basis of a 'capsule'.  

Oh, by the way, I may have snuk one or two Topshop items into my possession yesterday as well - still deciding on these, but in and of themselves I like them.  Don't ask me if they qualify as capsule items!

Topshop 'knitted shimmer star'  print jumper - £36 (don't know why it's called 'shimmer' - it doesn't.  On Topshop website here:

Topshop 'Ladder stitch sweater' - burgundy sheer knit top - £26 - on Topshop website here:

I also saw, but didn't buy, this t shirt which in retrospect I like:
But there you have it - I liked it but didn't get it as I felt it may not be a sensible or long term purchase. 

But sigh - I should have got it. Based on the thinking behind this post I should, anyway. 

I'll leave the next option - 'a long hard logical look at your wardrobe' for another day!


  1. If I spot a navy cord skirt on my travels, I will give you a holler. I subscribe very much to the love but don't wear school for quite a number of things in my wardrobe. I haven't the foggiest how to tackle them.

    I do like the new additions but thinking potential for door handle incident with the second. I'm so practical sometimes!

  2. Woo hooo! My comment updated first time!!!!!

  3. I have my eye on a Khaki jumper from Topshop. I wanted it in summer but my daughter bought it - gutted, but they still have it this season so whether it annoys her or not, it will be mine!


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