Saturday, 8 September 2012

Autumn wear and a harvest chandelier.

I think I need to start this post with a disclaimer. The outfits I am posting at the moment are not necessarily:
(a) exciting
(b) to be recommended
(c) anything anyone else would be interested in..!

Just wanted to clear that up. But I need to plod on, through high point and low point - and clearly we are in a low point at present :-D  Once I bounce back from my focus on the house I'm hoping things will get more interesting. I am planning a Boden order next week with the proceeds of some Ebay selling - so watch this space!

This is from Friday, back to work after two days off sewing.  It felt autumnal enough to crack open the opaque tights and give the loafers a dusting off - hooray!  On reflection though - how gloomy, I could have added a scarf - ho-hum.  Maybe I subconsciously dressed to reflect my lack of  'pzazz' at the moment?!

  • Charcoal linen knit cardigan from Zara - long at the back, shorter at the front (absolute treasure until those extra pounds go...)
  • Grey camisole from Primark
  • Black velvet / moleskin skirt from Jigsaw
  • Black patent 'Chester' loafers from Russell & Bromley.
  • Purple bead necklace (old) from Accessorize.

Continuing the home decoration theme, I am pleased to finally have my new (old) chandelier up and working. I love it. I have a dangerous antique lighting obsession and must stop now, otherwise I will have run out of rooms to hang them in!  I have banned myself from driving past my favourite shop which always has a dazzling selection on display. 

I do love this one though - the ears of corn and the gold colour are so beautiful - and so appropriate for the time of year :-)

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  1. Hang on in there - it's tricky to keep up the blog side of things when real live gets busy. And this time of year is a nightmare to dress for! I had sandals on today and tomorrow it's going to pour! Avril x


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