Sunday, 30 September 2012

Spot the difference

Here's where blogging (from a reader's point of view) gets tricky. Where do you draw the line between inspiration and slavish buying?!

Exhibit 1:  Me

Has Toast denim shirt (which probably cost small fortune). Admittedly had forgotten about, but that's a separate problem...
Sees bargainous New Look denim shirt on the gorgeous Beth from Style Guile.
Prefers bargainous New Look shirt.
Buys bargainous New Look shirt.
Now has two very similar denim shirts.
New Look (left); Toast (right)
There's nothing wrong with my Toast shirt, per se.

But the New Look version has some nice touches, like the curved side hem and pearlescent buttons (poppers). It also has a more fitted shape. 

As you can tell, the wardrobe edit is hardly going to plan. I'm meant to be weeding out duplicates and unnecessary items - not accumulating more!

Here they are on - sorry for poor photo quality, hope you get the idea:
Toast version
New Look version
In other news, I think I will have to return the Topshop star print jumper. Love it. Love the feel of it. However, it... I don't know.... it just doesn't seem to work with what I have - which as you may have detected is my new rationale for purchasing - and keeping - items.  

Actually, that's not strictly true. It did work a bit better (was less starry) when I added a gilet, but I was unsure whether or not that was necessarily a good sign. I'll leave you with the photos:
Sans Gilet

Avec Gilet (by Musto, should anyone care).
One further purchase to report today. A bag from the New Look sale.
'Bella boucle bag' - New Look

Was cheap. Looks it (I fear) - on close inspection anyway. 

I do like the boucle fabric and the big stud-like clasp (me... studs.... bags... hmm, a theme...?) 

Anyhow, the white piping around the edge detracts a bit. But overall it's OK. For £6.

I'm stuck with it anyway, as I discovered today that New Look do not refund on sale items. Although I suppose I could always get a credit note, maybe then I could buy another denim shirt - why stop at two...! :-)


  1. The New Look one is much nicer - ebay the Toast one and you'll probably more than cover the cost! Hope you're having a great weekend! Avril x

    1. Good thinking Avril, I had wondered whether I should do that, but it seemed 'sacreligeous' - although ridiculous if an item doesn't work for you! Glad you also prefer the New Look one. Hope you're having a fab weekend too. x

  2. The New Look one is more contemporary and is more fitted which gives you more shape. Toast is good for its "worker style" clothing but can look a bit shapeless sometimes ... and cost a lot. Avril's idea is a good one - you should make something on the Toast shirt - they are always covetable items.

    1. Sue, I agree. In my mind I think I picture myself wearing stuff as in the Toast look-book - you know, stylishly dishevelled, sat in heather or something on a misty hillside with about 6in of extra height...

      Their items are lovely but can often be tricky to translate to my 'real world'!

    2. Me too - alternative reality, robust redhead sitting in Scottish highlands wearing worker boots with a pair of baggy cords, fingerless gloves and a big big jumper. Reality - small midget freezing in oversized clothes!


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