Friday, 15 May 2015

How the other half live!

I dipped my toe into the ‘luxe’ beauty arena yesterday. Wandering past Space NK in search of Malin & Goetz spot cream to calm my troubled chin, I was invited to a special event they had on -  whereby if you spent a certain amount (not hard to spend big in there) you got a selection box full of trial size products including the cutest mini candle, several masks and a mascara. I was in.

Aside from the Malin and Goetz sulphur paste which, 2 days in, seems to be working incidentally…I also had a splurge and bought the following:

·        By TerryTea to Tan – water / tea based spray on tan – washes off with soap and water – suitable for face and body

·         By TerryDensiliss Blush (colour 'platonic blonde' 01)

·         By TerryEyebrow mascara (colour 'medium ash' 02)

·         By Terrylip / cheek stain due in coral and red

·         DiptyquePhilosykos EDT

(err… on reflection, looking at that list, I wonder whether the person helping me might have been on ‘By Terry’ commission…?!)
So since Weds I have been sampling all these lovely products and my goodness they are Lovely with a capital L. 

The most fantastic product is the blusher. I am embarrassed to mention the price but reader it was over £50. Am I insane? Have I lost my marbles totally?  Well, I wouldn’t rule it out. But setting aside the fact this product needs its own mortgage, seriously it’s the most amazing blusher I have ever tried and mark my words I have tried a lot. Even my friends call me ‘Caspar the friendly ghost’. No-one does pallor like me. So I can (kind of) justify blush as an essential in the interests of not scaring the children.

The thing which sets this blush apart (so the sales patter went) was that it fills in and disguises fine lines rather than settling in them. And this had been my problem, being of a certain age with crows’ feet and laughter lines, I found the very areas I needed to brighten up becoming like little sand dunes, accentuating both dryness and crinkliness (not a good look).

(Why oh why is it upside down?)

It was something I was resigned to in order to avoid the deathly pale look. But no more – this blush really gives the most amazing natural youthful flush.  Used over the Tea to Tan sprayed and blended onto my face it gives a natural healthy bronze glow (not orange at all). And I had several compliments J

It got me thinking. Oh - to be able to buy everything from this product line…! 

How fantastic to have this sort of quality as the norm.
I’m hoping the products will last a while but it’s going to be a (financially) painful process to re-purchase them…as I suspect I will become addicted. It also means there may be a dearth of clothes purchasing going on, as the need to balance the budget kicks in.  
(And on that vein, Primark post pending...!)
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