Friday, 24 January 2014

Well of course a random flowery dress was just what I needed!

So many people seem to be shopping sensibly at the moment. I appluad them, I really do.
I don't know what's wrong with me and shopping. I've tried sensible. I've tried 'buy everything'. Neither works for me.

The approach I am using at the moment is 'see, try on, replace, wait 24 hours and then buy'.  Or rather 'see, try on, replace, wait 24 hours and mad scramble with much iffy driving and cursing of learners and red lights - to make the shop after work with about 10 seconds to spare before it closes.
What for?  The soundest of reason: to buy a dress I didn't know I needed of course.

That is, I didn't know I needed it until it occured to me that the orange colour would be just right with my pumpkin Bayswater bag (very old factory shop bargain) which I don't wear as much as I should. And it looked quite nice on.

Monsoon Rowena Rose 'wrap' dress (mock wrap) - £28 in sale

I am puzzled on reflection as to why it is only reduced to £28 (from £55) when the sign said 70% off - even with my dubious mathematical skills that doesn't quite add up - but such was my dizzy excitement at having beat the clock I didn't register this until later.

Other random purchases have been made this month - to follow in tomorrow's post. A White Company sweater and a jacket I didn't want but 6 year old begged me to keep. Bet you all can't wait!

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Now, where was I?

I've been meaning to get my blog together again and the first day (well night, now) of 2014 seems as good and tidy a time as any.

I have no real resolutions other than to keep running! Back in September I started running. I am now totally in love with it. I now run 4k most days. And I've started using the gym, but I much prefer running outdoors.  You know all that codswallop you get told about exercise - endorphins, mood lifting etc etc...?  It's actually true. I am so cynical I never usually believe advice, or that something so simple can be so powerful. But it's done me no end of good - it lifts my mood and (oddly?) my skin has improved.

As to other resolutions, I debated whether to stop buying stuff. But that was never likely to go well. (Although it has reigned me in somewhat and stopped at least 2 tat-fests in the last few days.)

So far since Christmas I've bought 2 children's bed sets in Next;  a discounted cushion and this dress from Monsoon - which is 50% off - now £29.50.

Next and Monsoon - I haven't been shopping anywhere uber-exciting, clearly. Just having to make do with the provincial offerings for the moment. I've been out of love with Monsoon for a while but tried this on after it - and the price - caught my eye, and decided it would go nicely with my new bag...see below.

Monsoon Karina Dress - now £29.50

My new bag was a Christmas gift (in which I had some input....) I don't normally go for burgundy, but the black just looked so dull. Hopefully I won't regret the colour choice.  (Clearly not so far - as it's providing inspiration to buy more rose hued stuff!)

Mulberry Dorset Tote

Happy New Year everyone :-)

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