Saturday, 1 September 2012

Liebster Blog Award

I was amazed to see that Helen from the lovely blog The Flaky Fashionista has nominated my blog for a 'Liebster Blog Award' - thank you very much Helen!
This has led to a first for me - two posts in one day (just, we are almost into Sunday!)
Being new to blogging (and a bit dim!) I am not 100% sure what I need to do, apart from answer the questions  posed below and nominate another 5 blogs.  (If I need to do anything else, hopefully one of you kind people will let me know!)
The questions...
1. Why did you start to blog? 

I suppose, I like writing, or rather ruminating and recording the details, or even wittering to myself, and thought this would be a fun way to document my mental ramblings - and take some pictiures to see what worked and maybe what didn't work for me clothes wise. I (usually!) enjoy clothes and shopping and putting things together - and this seemed like a good way to network, and share ideas, and develop my style.
2. How has blogging changed your life if at all?
Lately it's restored my faith in human nature!  I'd been feeling a bit flat and deflated, what with the end of summer, and a series of sad news stories in the media didn't help... and when I wrote a blog post commenting that I felt a bit down and hadn't been blogging so much, all my lovely blogging friends took the time to comment and cheer me up - so kind!
3. Who, dead or alive, would be your perfect four dinner party guests.
  • Winston Churchill 
  • Florence Nightingale 
  • Stephen Fry
  • Jackie Kennedy
(I am sure there are loads of others I would love to 'invite' - but these are the first four who sprung to mind.)
4. If you could be anyone in history, who would you be?
I have always admired Elizabeth I - but I'm not sure I would actually have wanted to be her. Maybe she could come as an extra dinner guest...?
5. Why?  (I assume this means why Elizabeth I etc...)

Well, I think she was very courageous as she had a lot of tragedy and danger in her early life, having her mother executed and being imprisoned in the tower, and Hampton Court for much of her childhood. Before she became queen she was surrounded by people who would have liked to get rid of her. In an age where women had few leading roles, she was clearly a strong leader, and the fact that she (intentionally or otherwise) reigned alone, and never married, I find inspiring. 

Now the blogs (who have under 200 followers)  I would like to nominate are as follows :


  1. Fantastic answers! We must be kindred spirits, as Winston Churchill and Jackie O were the first two that sprang to mind for me when I asked the questions. Glad to see that you're feeling more cheerful .. and thanks for the nomination! Helen

  2. Congratulations - see you need to keep blogging as we enjoy reading.

    And thanks Ash for the nomination. You mean I have to do this again! ? You were a braver woman than me - doing the Q&A's.

    You like ALLO as well? Clare's cool - she will be really chuffed to get another award!


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