Friday, 28 September 2012

More studs....

Heaven help me, I bought another studded tote from Primark. This one is, possibly, subtler and therefore may be more successful than the earlier experiment here (which ended up being returned).

Here's the latest one, in all its glory:

I'm still unsure why I keep being drawn to these bags, but I guess for £9 it's a risk worth taking, although normally my philosophy is not to buy something purely because it's cheap.

Now, as if a studded bag wasn't enough, I also picked up some studded boots in Topshop. These are unbelievably comfortable, and being a practical creature these days (most of the time!) this swayed my decision more than anything. OK, the fact that they have the seemingly inescapable studs, and hence look reasonably 'with it' helps a bit as well I guess!  

The style is called 'Millicent' and here's the Topshop website link (have just seen they have good reviews on there, so maybe a wise buy):

And finally... a coat. I bought this in Zara and it's very warm, soft, light and snuggly, all the things I look for in a coat. Stye, you note, not being on the list - oops!  

I'm torn between this one (which is not on the Zara website) and another which I also tried on and which I think looks much better in real life (see lower down).  

I ended up buying the 'greige' colour as I have so much else in navy... but I wonder if it was a wise decision. Navy suits me and it's more practical - I may decide to change it.
The coat I bought

The coat I didn't buy


  1. I look dreadful in all of Zara's padded coats - I'm just too small and look positively squat in them. But I like the greige one you picked out. I'm quite getting in to the studded boot thing at the moment and have seen a couple of pairs I like but you're fast off the fashion blocks aren't you??? I'll probably end up with a pair next year when no one wants a pair anymore.

    And Ash .... your shopper is almost identical to the bronze one you bought when you bought your other studded shopper ... with the exception of a few studs! Creature of habit?

    1. Haha - yes it's usually me who lags about a year behind. But I just saw them the other day, tried them and went for it. The shopper is indeed similar. Sad isn't it?!


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