Monday, 11 March 2013

Jeans shopping

Some shopping pictures to share today - together with related tales (of woe mainly!)

Sorry I haven't been posting much recently, life has been hectic. However a day shopping today has gone some way towards redressing the balance.

I decided I would like a new pair of jeans. Preferably a darkish 'dirty' denim pair, identical in shape and fit, to the black Topshop Jamie jeans I already own. Naturally, such a thing was not to be found in Topshop, so needs must... I diversified the search. My travels (which were time limited by school pick-up sadly, the only time I am time disciplined) took me to Gap and John Lewis.

An 'ok' pair in Gap - couldn't find any style name / design / anything to tell me what they were (as opposed to the piles of other styles available - helpful - not!)  But here is a picture. At the time I thought they were just 'ok' but not worth £44.99 or similar - especially when 99% of the other stock seemed to be priced at £39.99.

(Excuse the muffin on view! Must point out top was lifted to see how they fit... I didn't sport this look all day!) 

I then tried on Levi demi curve in John Lewis which I thought looked OK at the time - but reviewing the photos below they look not so good I fear!
Colour is just too.... blue :-(

Look like the man in the post office queue the other day who was sporting his new jeans still with the '£5 value' sticker on upside down... (and no I didn't have the heart to tell him :-0 )

Next some '7 for all mankind' - mid rise straight leg I think - though I had almost had enough by then trying to keep track of everything.  They were nice (naturally, at £160) and I know they are great jeans as I have another pair in boot-cut...but I wasn't in the mood for spending that today - especially as I am such a short-arsed creature I would have to cut off about 15%!  They only seemed to have 34in length in stock. Liked the colour and the detailing though.

This sorry tale of how not to (plan and) shop ends with the purchase of a pair of Baxters in Topshop, mainly because I was darned if I was going to spend 2 hours trawling shops getting extremely hot and bothered dressing and undressing, and come home empty handed. I am uncertain whether they are keepers though - even though the detailing is nice, they don't fit as well as the Jamie on me, and I'm not sure about the colour which is quite a muted greyish denim..... what do you think?

Dodgy lighting alert....(apologies: was at home by this point)

PS - for anyone who is interested, wardrobe clear-out still in progress, am madly e-baying...hence sparseness of blogging... it's a pain but have raised a nice bit of cash :-)

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