Sunday, 23 September 2012

One of those 'confused wardrobe' days

Today was spent mostly in a fug of confusion :-/

It all started with a scarf sort out. I have an addiction to scarves, and after perusing the Joules catalogue earlier, where given free reign, I would probably have spent at least £300 unnecesarily (not all on scarves) I realised that some planning and logic is required. <Watch this space for my next 'wardrobe edit' post - 'option 2 rationalising and starting from scratch'...>

I have realised, maybe since starting this blog, that I tend to buy things that appeal to me and that I 'like' - without much regard to how said item(s) will work with the rest of my wardrobe.

Trouble is, if I try the alternative approach, i.e. shopping on the basis of what will work with my wardrobe, quite a lot seems to be required to match up with and make sense of earlier, more random, purchases.

So basically, I'm stymied. For example, I have about 15 items in my online Boden basket (why is Boden so seductive? I shouldn't be relying on them to fill wardrobe holes!)  The blurb about basic / essential tops etc - sigh - it seems so sensible and so seductive. I do really need basic long sleeved tops. But I can't or can't be bothered to calculate which colour and neck options would best work.

Crew neck / scoop neck - berry or bay?  I got quite cross with everything in the end, and have decided to take a hermit approach  and just use what I have dammit, and not add to Johnnie's millions.  If a pressing needs presents itself, I may make an exception...

So, using this as a basis, today I wore:
Zara 'distressed' jeans (good fit with my state of mind)
Primark black vest
Boden old yellow cardigan
(Just seen... TU breton striped top... stripes are not v flattering at the moment; best hidden)
Zara butterfly scarf
Primark black ballerina pumps


  1. I feel your pain and when you read lots of blogs, you get seduced by what other people are coveting..and what looks good on them. Can be hard to take a step back and think about what your existing wardrobe actually needs and what suits you! Well done on the scarf sort-out ... I need to do the same! Avril x

    1. Blogging has been great for sorting the dross out - trouble is, I feel most of it was probably dross :-0

  2. As soon as the lookbooks and catalogues start coming through the door, I'm usually off on one. Give it a few days and the want disappears until you read a blog with someone wearing something you had your eye on - that's fatal. But it's good you managed to take a step back especially whilst you're working through a cull.

    What's good is to see you in a colour - like the sharp yellow. When you're just not feeling like it, it's easy to pick the dark baggy stuff to wear - I had a friend who went through that period and I told her it just didn't suit her - she was Ms Bling, colourful, girly everything. And then started doing black everything to make her feel thinner. She started to dress like grungy me - told her that was my territory and to back off to the girly side. She looks a lot better for it now.

    I did a scarf sort out about half a year ago. I still have a bag of those scarves on the landing waiting to go somewhere ... where, I don't know.

    And your comment verification is doing my head in!!!! 10th time lucky

    1. Lol at 'scarves on the landing' with an uncertain future. I do that too!

      It's easy to stick to black / grey. Colour is great, but does require more thinking (and therefore is quite a rarity for me!!)

      Sorry about the comment verification - wasn't aware it was doing that, have now cancelled (I hope).

  3. I too feel your pain. As much as I love this blogging world, I now have a complete dissatisfaction with my entire wardrobe. Each day I log on and someone, somewhere in Blogging Land has yet another gorgeous item of clothing to show. As Avril says, it can be hard to take a step back and re-evaluate. just as well there are budget restrictions!!!!

    1. Sigh - I know, it's hard to resist sometimes. But it can work in our favour if you exercise great willpower (much needed in my case!) if you don't have much time to do the trawl of the shops like you used to. It's tricky when something looks fab on someone else though - I need to be very critical of what is right for ME!! x

  4. I have always been the same, buy what I like with little regard to how they will work with existing pieces but everything goes with jeans anyway and I live and die in them all winter!

    1. Yes - jeans are a great failsafe, and I have to say most things will work with them luckily :-)

  5. This outfit is great it all works together really well. That cut of jeans is PERFECT on you.


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