Sunday, 14 October 2012

Silvery stuff

Silver is not a colour I have ever worn much, or even at all, except in accessories.

But flicking through the 'More Dash than Cash' supplement which came with this month's Vogue magazine, one or two silvery items inexplicably caught my eye.

Probably just the magpie effect.... but with the Christmas season fast approaching I suppose there might be ample opportunity to wear them.

Firstly - New Look silver shoes. I thought these looked a surprisingly wearable shape for New Look. Many of the shoes in there scare me and look so unwearable - with those extreme clumpy front platform soles. These, alas, are showing out of stock online, and unsurprising as they were reduced to just £9.. (oh the bargain for anyone who snapped them up!) - but I will definitely be checking in store tomorrow, just in case... and will report back. If you live somewhere with low Vogue readership, there's always a chance I guess.

Silver double strap pointed court shoes - New Look  <PS - I checked today - Mon 15 Oct - and they are still on sale in-store for £9. I didn't buy however, as the platform sole at the front is too high for me...>
New Look - down to £9 in sale, if you can find them!

I then went to the River Island website to search for a velvet skirt which also featured in the supplement, which was actually more of a bronze colour and looked like a lovely crushed velvet texture. Couldn't find it, but in the process, I did find these two, which I really like the look of:

Grey Folied Midi Tube Skirt - £20 - River Island

Silver shimmer pleated maxi Skirt - £45 - River Island

Although I haven't yet seen either in real life, I think both these skirts would be sophisticated 'sparkly' party choices without going overboard on the bling factor.

I would style with the silver shoes (if I found them) and a plain black short sleeved crew neck cashmere top, plus this Zara velvet box bag: I just need somewhere to go!

Or the studded box bag, also Zara below, might be better (the gold hardware on the above bag doesn't quite work, or am I being too OCD or silver-obsessed?!)  The studs on the bag below look smooth, so wouldn't catch on fabric (some of the other Zara evening bags look as if they would, which would drive me mad!)

Ooh look - the hinge looks a bit like an Emporio Armani logo - (naughty Zara!)

And finally, these silvery sequinned leggings look very pretty - but possibly a sequin too far (for me anyway!) and maybe unwearable in real life (i.e. when not in Paris in the company of a convenient dove)...
From new H&M Maison Margiela collaboration,available from 15 November...

Has anyone else been bitten by the 'silver' bug?


  1. No - I've not been bitten yet. Is it contagious? I do have a jumper with some silvery bits in from last year ... which reminds me I must dig it out!

  2. I reckon I was definitely a magpie in a former life as I'm always attracted to anything shiny ... so love sequins, metallics and general bling. Have not made a purchase yet this season, but you've certainly shown some lovely choices.


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