Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A superfluity of scarves

Further to my post yesterday about my White Company order, having reviewed this in the cold light of day, about 75% consists of scarves. Practical I suppose. I do wear them a lot. (Sound a bit like I am trying to make excuses...? Dead right!)  However, I probably won't keep them all.

Striped snood (reversible):

I also almost bought this navy 'flower outline' scarf, but (praise be) managed to reign myself in:

Partly because I decided it would need to be accompanied by this navy 'grosgrain trim 'jacket which my budget has not allowed for at present. Worryingly though, it is listed on the White Company website under 'last chance to buy' so I may have to bite the bullet if I want it...

(Looks better in real life I promise!)

Will report back in a future post when everything has arrived! 


  1. All looks totally fabulous..I am hopeless at sending anything back once ordered though! If I like it , it all stays! Xx

    1. I know - it is difficult! Much easier if you don't like something 'in the flesh' which I'm hoping will be the case, I can't justify all of them...x

  2. I love scarves. I sometimes spend more on scarves than I do on clothing as I see them as a finishing touch to outfits. Some people wear jewellery, I wear scarves.

    The only scarf which you reigned yourself in over the fact that you would need the navy jacket - nah - you don't need the jacket - you just bought a navy jumper which is shouting out for the scarf!

    Just trying to work out whether I want to carve a pumpkin right now.

    1. Good point Sue, good point - it would look good with the jumper!

      Hope you had fun pumpkin carving :-) x

  3. The star print scarf is my favourite x

  4. I'm with Claire, there's no way I'd be able to send anything back either. I'll bet if you try you can find decent reasons to keep them all. They're gorgeous!


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