Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A couple of skirts and a pair of trousers

Sorry for the unimaginative title, I'm so tired this evening, no muse!

A quick post to continue from yesterday and show a couple of skirts, plus a sneaky pair of trousers that were too big a bargain not to talk about.

Jigsaw grey knee length cord skirt, Boden cropped cardigan, Primark scarf, KG black suede wedges

Boden 'modern midi skirt', Boden cropped cardigan, Mulberry scarf, Primark suedette ankle boots

Primark trousers (£5!!!), Boden cardigan, Mulberry scarf
I am very pleased with the Boden Modern Midi skirt I must say. It's a nice medium weight moleskin fabric and has a contrast seam down the front which doesn't show in my photos. See Boden website here.  Code TKNS gives 15% off plus free P&P at the moment.

The cropped cashmere cardigan was a gift from my lovely Mum who thought I needed 'brightening up a bit'. Very astute my Mum...I was delighted to accept her advice here!  The cashmere seems to be very good quality, I don't know how it will wear, but it feels softer than a similar Brora cardigan I have which was about twice the price!

The Jigsaw knee length cord skirt is dark charcoal grey and is a nice flattering shape, quite fitted at the waist and room over the hips without being too a-line..Hurrah - have just seen it's still available, and with a nice range of extra colours to boot - see Jigsaw website here. (I may have to get another one!)

Finally the Primark trousers are an unbelievable bargain for £5. They're navy, nice fit at the top with a good wide-leg shape. Impressive.

One final word on skirts, or the wearing thereof. A pair of good opaques are essential. Personally, I love Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66, as they are wonderfully soft, nice thickness (but not too woolly), and most importantly have impressive lasting and snag resistance powers. They are pricey but a good investment.

I also bought a nice lacy pair in New Look the other day with the proceeds of a credit note. (Buyer beware:  New Look doesn't refund on sale goods unless faulty, not unreasonable I suppose, but it took me by surprise. We are so used to being able to return anything, anytime, anyhow nowadays.)

Here's the link to the New Look tights (£5.99) - they feel good and are cheaper - and with a better range of colours -  than a similar offering from White Stuff.

For more on tights, see my earlier post here. 


  1. Totally hear you about Brora cashmere. The first time I got a jumper from them ... I was distinctly underwhelmed by the lack of softness. It was more like a refined lambswool. Maybe it's because I've even got used to supermarket cashmere but my cheap and cheerful old faithful grey v-neck from Asda has been absolutely brilliant ... and soft.

    That was very nice of your mum - never too old to be looked after by your mum.

    1. I didn't know Asda did cashmere - bet it's a great buy? Must investigate.

      OH has been 'trying to be helpful' again and has booked me a personal shopping appointment (I think, his explanation was vague) at Brora on Thursday - goodness knows how I'll get on - I know I will feel pressured to buy... Maybe I will if he's paying!)

  2. WOW gorgeous outfit - I LOVE the first pic and that's inspired me as I was wearing a black shift dress tomorrow with similar colour cardigan and couldn't think what scarf to wear .. now I know I shall put my animal print grey scarf with it - thank you!!!


    1. Hi Fiona, so glad you liked the first outfit and it helped with your scarf dilemma! Look forward to seeing pics... :-)


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