Monday, 29 October 2012

And relax...

A nice day off today, even though it was the first day of half term and my normal peaceful wanderings around an almost deserted (except for smartly attired pensioners) provincial town were not to be.

I also have tomorrow off, which means that I can continue winding down rather than, at about 8pm, mentally gearing myself up for the next day.

First stop was a haircut. I seem to be gradually going shorter, which reminds me of the saying: there is only one way to cut hair - shorter... ;-)

Shorter hair for me goes against the grain somewhat, having spent a lifetime enjoying long hair. Maybe I am just admitting defeat to my hair, which is admittedly very thick, dry and fuzzy, and which really needs to be shorter and quite layered to be coaxed into any kind of good behaviour.   There is also the old adage about not having longer hair as you get older. There comes a day (and for me it was last year sometime) when longer hair just 'feels wrong' and you have to surrender gracefully to the years.  LOL - just read that back and it makes me sound about 80!  Maybe I'll grow it again.... we'll see.

Photo today is a bit blurred as it was taken by an enthusiastic but sadly not yet competent junior accomplice!

Apologies also for the odd halo effect as I was standing with bright light behind me.

Zara navy butterfly print scarf
Monsoon long cardigan / coat
Toast mid blue cotton knit tunic
Toast navy blue leggings
Primark tan Acne-a-like boots

I later went a bit mad with a few online orders. 

First at the White Company, to re-order the jumper from Saturday with the discount code... only to find it was out of stock online. Humpphhh.  That didn't stop me however - there were lots more bargains to be found. Dresses and scarves mainly. I've ordered more than I will keep on the basis that it 'doesn't count until you decide to keep it' (can't remember which blogger declared that - but it's definitely true!). Anyway, I need to try stuff on before I decide, so really I am only at the 'virtual fitting room' stage!  

Then I flicked through a new magazine, from which fluttered a Pure Collection discount brochure, and I ended up ordering a cashmere snood- with 25% off :-)  This doesn't count as a fashion purchase ;-) as it's getting cold and I need to keep warm (especially in my advancing years!)  It too, will need to pass the 'try at home' test as well though. 


  1. I have two of those young budding junior photographers as well. They haven't passed yet as you can tell on my latest post.

    I like the way that a small thing like your top being out of stock online didn't stop you from ordering something else instead. Were we separated at birth by any chance?

    My hair goes up and down - currently it's down but who knows when it will get all chopped off again. I always feel that as you get older it should get shorter but then when do you suddenly realise it's time?

    1. :-) - it's reassuring to find someone else with the same mindset!

      Trouble is - I often go a bit OTT to compensate for the disappointment of the 'lost' item (as demonstrated on my post today).

  2. My hair has crept up to my shoulders in fact I had another two inches cut off last week and I have had long hair all my life but unless you are Elle McPherson......

    1. It's difficult if you've always had longer hair. Shorter hair can feel very odd. The great thing is of course - it grows again :-) x


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