Monday, 22 October 2012

Back to 'normality'

No knives today, I'm pleased to report. A mundane, but necessary day, spent ferrying elderly parents to / from hospital appointments and breaking up arguments between same. Sheesh - toddlers have nothing on 80 year olds for squabbling!

I wore:

  • Jigsaw grey a-line shape lambswool jumper
  • Primark white vest
  • White Company silver pendant
  • Boden denim mini skirt (not so mini on me as I am a 'short arse' with even shorter legs)
  • Russell & Bromley 'Chester' black patent loafers

Sorry for brevity of post. Need to repaint my nails - which have become distressingly slattern-like - before I fall into an imminent exhausted stupor.

See you tomorrow hopefully :-)


  1. That last line is funny. I'm trying to imagine you as a sleepy chipped nail slattern.

  2. Loafers!!! Hurray! I bought some early Sept after reading that they are back in but haven't seen anyone else wearing them!!!!! Thank you.

  3. OUtfit souunds lovely to me. Good Luck with the squabbles.

  4. Lol at the fighting 80 year olds…I know a few of them! Love today's outfit…I like a nice pair of loafers myself. Hope the nails turned out nice…are you sharing a photo? Avril xx


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