Saturday, 13 October 2012

Shopping my (bargain) closet...

Why is it that the allure of the new is so great?  (If I knew the answer to this question no doubt I could save myself a LOT of money.)

Today, however,  I was determined to re-visit and re-love some old favourites.

May I present....
  • Mulberry Roxanne Bag in dark brown (£ we won't go there - OH might be reading - but it *was* from the outlet!)
  • M&S snake print scarf in blush and khaki (£5 in sale)
  • White Company cashmere jumper in pale green - or 'pistachio' if you were speaking fashion speak darling - £7 (or so I recall, it was super cheap anyway for 100% cashmere) from Ebay last year. I've never seen this shade in the White Company, so I wonder if someone had attempted a dye job which they didn't like?!  I'm very happy with it - and it's so snug and soft.  
So there you have it - a selection of goodies chez 'Boutique Ash'.

And here I am wearing them...


  1. Great idea for a post and what a lovely bab.

  2. I do occasionally revisit the old but quite often I leave them where I find them but if I had a few Mulberry bags lying around, I would revisit them time and time again.

    The things which get revisited a lot are the things which never leave the wardrobe in the first place - does that make sense. Some things just stay there year in year out. Old friends.

  3. Great bag and worthy of being bought out of the closet again!

  4. Can't believe you had that bag languishing in a closet. So jealous that you have access to a Mulberry outlet :(


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