Monday, 15 October 2012

More arbitrary acquisitions

My whimsical purchasing habits continued apace today.

Although, oddly there was some planning / forethought (not very sensible, but thought all the same) involved at the outset.

I ordered a pair of shoes from the Zara website and decided to have them delivered to the store to 'save on postage'. Erm, right - good saving!

Dear reader: please take note and learn from my stupidity - there is no P&P charge known to (wo)man which will cost more than the sum total of (a) fuel; (b) parking; (c) coffee; and (d) 'other incidental purchasing'.

Zara shoes: £39.99

My inspiration for this purchase was Sam Cam who was seen wearing these shoes recently. They looked lovely on her of course: but then, what doesn't?

I happened to be in the market for a pair of higher heeled shoes, and seeing as Sam Cam's also looked very nice with her jeans - bingo - 'versatile purchase alert' - said my inner style-o-meter.

Have tried on, and like. What exactly I will wear them with, or when, remains to be seen (apart from skinny jeans clearly) but I'll work something out....

I also checked out the silver New Look shoes further today, and while I was pleased to see that they are still available in store for the bargain price of £9, (and remember I also have a New Look credit note of £5 burning a hole in my pocket!), I was not so pleased to find that in the flesh, they are sadly like many other New Look shoes - that is unwearable for me. The platform at the front is just a shade too high for comfort (and in my personal opinion, style). Mustering all my powers of resistance after finding such a (theoretical) bargain, I left them behind.

My Earl Grey tea obsession also developed further - with the purchase of these little hand wrapped muslin teabags from Mariage Freres. At £12.95 for 30, they are not exactly 'feed and water your builder' type tea -  but at around 30p per cup, they still beat the cost of frequenting your local 'Patisserie Valerie'.

So the moral of this post can be summed up as: stay in, have online orders delivered to your home, and drink speciality tea.  It's the best my addled brain can do today!


  1. Lovely shoes - I am waiting for a pair of Clarks to come to me - they have free postage!

    1. Yikes - how have I not discovered that free postage before?

  2. I tried those Zara shoes on back in the summer in fuschia and red, totally loved them as had seen them on so many bloggers but didn't feel the colours would work with my wardrobe and I hardly ever go out so put them back, but still love them x

    1. I hardly ever go out either - triumph of hope over experience here!!

  3. Beautiful shoes. And what's wrong with a good excuse to visit the local mall/high street?!

    1. I know - it's a new day out and a good excuse to go - 'just off to collect an order dear... I really wouldn't be going otherwise...' :-D

  4. Those shoes look amazing on Sam Cam. I clicked on the link and then found myself wandering over to the COS site looking for green jumpers! Susceptible to the last. The shoes are amazeballs. Is that a correct term - I believe the younger generation are prone to using such words at the moment. I like the other colour that they do in them as well, the beige and black. Was seriously considering them until I looked and looked again at the heel and thought - who are you kidding missus? Can't wait to see how you pair them.

    Very funny about the free postage and packaging mullarkey. Have been there so many times, I have now learnt to let them just deliver. Like you say, petrol, car parking, coffee money - soon mounts up to a new purchase!

    1. Sam Cam has a strange effect on my psyche... She makes the most mundane (and zany for that matter) look good.Not much translates for me, but I think the shoes will work :-)

      Loving the term 'amazeballs'...!

    2. I tried them on in the shop ... couldn't move an inch. I was crippled.

  5. I want some of the shoes! I really like online shopping toooooo! Love your last line!

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  6. Love those Zara shoes….dithered over them last time I was in as I know they will sell out and then, and only then, will all the mum bloggers start wearing them and I'll curse not getting them! Lol. Avril x


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