Thursday, 4 October 2012

Food not fashion

I had an unusual delivery today. There were no clothes involved :-0

A large, well padded brown box arrived from Fortnum and Mason. No - I don't do my weekly shop there(!) - but I've been using some tea which was a gift, and tasted rather special. I had a nosey on their website and was pleased to find that you can buy tea / coffee / groceries online (and by that I mean single items, rather than having to splash out £100+ on a hamper pre-filled with some occasionally rather wacky delicacies).

Amongst the goodies delivered to me today were:

Breakfast Blend Coffee (no-one speaks to me in the morning before I've had several mugs of strong fresh black coffee)... This tin looks so pretty and can be re-used:

I'm not a big tea drinker but when I do, I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey. (This was the gift tea which I've been enjoying!)  This time however, I bought a box of teabags for easy make-ability. They are all individually wrapped so would be great to use at work / when travelling etc:

I also got Piccadilly blend teabags - one of which I am enjoying right now - it's a good one to try if you drink tea black and like a delicate tea - it still tastes tea like but without that slightly stewy/bitter aftertaste you can get with normal black tea. 
I'm a sucker for a leisurely breakfast. That sounds like I spend every morning reclining with a paper, a croissant and my coffee - haha - if only!  It happens maybe 3 times a year - but when it does I need good marmalade. Enter marmalade with Bergamot extract....

And finally, as if I needed another bag - but you can probably never have too many 'bags for life' (I usually never take enough on the weekly shop) - and this F&M jute shopper is rather smart:

What I didn't buy - but which is definitely on my wish list - is this Illuminum White Gardenia Petals perfume - ah well; it lives to be bought another day....!
I love a good non-clothes delivery almost as much as a clothing order (just complete shopping addict really, even for groceries!) I am chuffed that I can order these items for home delivery - it's such a  bonus for those of us living 'out in the sticks'. Before the days of online shopping it would have necessitated a trip into London with all the associated parking / travelling / grime / crowd related stresses (not to mention expense and confusion of the 'yokel in town' variety!!)

It's got a bit late to do an outfit pic I fear - bearing in mind my pics are dubious quality at best - but I wore Boden moleskin skirt, old bottle green Jigsaw top, black opaques and the F&F Tory-Burch-esque shoes.  I really am making a go of this FrOctober (or SkOctober) idea....!


  1. Oooh F&M Earl Grey tea. I literally drink Earl Grey tea till it comes out of my ears but always Twinings. I've tried others rather unsuccessfully as the tannin is always a little too much and overwhelms the bergamot. That marmalade will be interesting with the bergamot too. Almost a hint of lemon in it then?

    1. Another Earl Grey fan :-) The Twinings is v good as well, but I'm a sucker for those little individual wrapped teabags, not sure it would be practical if I drunk a lot of tea though!

  2. I kinda like getting food parcels delivered to be as well. Will be nice to know how the marmalade tastes!

    1. I'm hoping it will be Earl Grey like!! Will report back. x

  3. A parcel from Fortnum & Mason sounds frightfully glamorous ... even it was just tea and marmalade. I'm a committed green tea drinker myself, but as I'm filled with hidden shallows that pretty tin could easily convert me to coffee for breakfast!

    1. HaHa - I'm easily seduced by nice packaging! It made a nice change. Now if only I could get my hands on one of those lovely F&M wicker baskets...without having to buy the contents! x


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