Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pleats please. A last look at the sales...

Thinking about my failure with the £125 polyester Jigsaw skirt I tried on the other day...I still have a slight hankering after a pleated skirt. Just preferably one that is a bit more substantial and / or less costly - i.e. better value all round.

An online hunt has turned up the following:

- and code TAC111 gives 25% off all from Pure Collection :-)

Bit undecided about the grey though (too light?) and somehow looks very maxi, i.e. might be too long on me

Finally, not black - but love the design - (and Kate Middleton was spotted wearing this print in a dress - so would be in good company, amazed it hasn't sold out!)  Utter bargain now for just £17.

Great Plains Cezanne Paintbox Pleated Skirt - £17.70

Out of that little lot, I am sorely tempted to try the first (Jigsaw £40) and the last (Great Plains £17) - as they offer really good reductions - AND I'd have a black pleated skirt and a colourful one - both for less than the cost of the original new season Jigsaw offering. That has to be a bargain in anyone's book! 

I also really like the non reduced Asos midi. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions...  

Watch this space... :-)


  1. Love the last one and it is a steal, go for it!

  2. Agree at those prices you should get both and they will work every season, with jumpers and tights for winter or cami's and sandals in summer - go for it! I must admit I like that LK Bennett one too!! xx


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