Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Workout clothes. Is it vain to care?

It's that time of the year again. I call it 'fighting with knives' time.  A fitness / safety training event I attend.

The 'knives' don't bother me unduly (they are thankfully not real!)  I am reasonably competent at de-knifing, and even rather enjoy it. Or I did last year when I somehow managed to de-knife a big confident muscly guy (who thought he was going to mince me up) 5 times in a  row :-)

But oh 'woe is me', due to time-tabling issues, this year I have to train for 2 days with fitter people and have a running test.

To lift my spirits (and my performance naturally) I have been thinking about investing in some more work-out gear (a) to train in before hand so that I have a outside chance of passing, and (b) to wear to the occasion. And maybe, just maybe if I get some purpose built proper stuff, it would encourage me to train regularly rather than have this ad hoc panic...?

To this end I have been perusing the Sweaty Betty website.

I like the deep waistband, some of these training clothes otherwise have minimal holding-innage.

Like the draping in this though. So many workout clothes naturally assume that you want to parade in skin tight lycra.

Finally a tee shirt - I need to invest in a proper workout top, others are terribly hot and sweaty and uncomfortable and ridey-uppy.

And to complete the set - I really like these Bloch 'criss cross sneakers'. Not suitable for heavy duty running. But for indoor work of the nature I have in mind, they are a good price at £38.

Now I just need to decide if I care enough to invest good 'normal clothing' money in this sort of thing!


  1. If the guilt of expensive purchases induces a new exercise regime, it could be worth every penny. Equally great work out wear actually looks quite nice, often more flattering than regular clothes, so may make the rest of your casual day time stuff redundant!

    1. I so wish I could muster the self discipline. I used to exercise every day, sometimes twice a day. I was about 2 stone lighter, size 6/8. It will be a long hard slog to get back to anything approaching my former fitness :-/ Still, the longest journey starts with one step as the saying goes...!


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