Monday, 30 September 2013

Perfect red lipstick and a Whistles saving

I've long tried to perfect the classic red lip look. Frustratingly, without much success. The simple things are often so hard to get right, but wow -  when you do get them right how good it feels!

In the past my red lips have been either too orange, too purple, too pink... you know the story.

However, on impulse today I bought this and am so glad I did. It just brightens up my face and does not have the dreaded 'tooth yellowing' effect that some reads do on me.

It's from Rimmel by Kate Moss - shade 111 - 'Kiss of Life' (what a lovely name incidentally!)  And only £5.49.

If you are striving to perfect the perfect red lip and have similar colouring to me, give this a go. Boots have a 'buy one, get 2nd half price offer' on as well at the moment (on all cosmetics).

Wardrobe wise, not much to report alas. I find it an awkward time of year still - not always cool enough to crack open the autumn / winter wear in earnest. You start off comfortably cocooned in the morning mist and by mid-day are red faced and sweltering in a fug of cashmere - not quite the look I'm aiming for.

The tube skirt is still doing double duty and -  thanks to a Whistles 25% code - is shortly to be joined by its sister the longer version - see here.  Fulfilling my mantra of if it  works get 2 (sort of).

Code is WH25AW13 if anyone else is pondering a purchase from Whistles (free delivery too) - expires 7 October so be quick :-)


  1. That is a perfect red, and I agree about the temperatures! But long may the balmy afternoons last!

  2. I have a couple of the Kate Moss lipsticks and the colours are lovely - especially the matt ones. This looks a lovely wearable red. X

  3. Sadly the whistles tops I want are sold out in my size. Like you I struggle with a wearable red, I will be sure to check this one out x

  4. I love a red lipstick but it definitely has to be the ' right' red , the best I found was a clarins one but I'm not sure they still make it.


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