Sunday, 8 September 2013

Black and Navy

A controversial combination. Some people wouldn't wear black and navy blue together, but I have no such qualms. This due mainly, or wholly actually, because I don't yet  (although probably need one) have a navy blue - or any other colour come to that - maxi dress in my life. So needs must - and I balanced it all out by letting another colour show in between.

I wore my Primark silver leaves necklace today in honour of the onset of autumn :-)

Shoes were my LK Bennett Milos T bar wedges - these are still in stock online - they have gone into the sale and are now greatly reduced. A classic shape I think.

 Navy blue jersey biker jacket - from the White Company
Black Maxi dress from Warehouse - similar here from Asos

Navy and black theme extending to navy sandals and black toes...

What is your opinion on navy and black together - do you think it can work?


  1. Oh you know me. Navy and black. Yum. I've always liked it and wore it together before I learnt it was a no no.

    Now you're brave - going for the black on the toes. I'd have done navy - it's about as dark as I can go. True black scares me. And this evening ... I've gone back to the old faithful grey. I looked at my toes after I finished and smiled. I feel like me again.

    1. I think yum to navy & black too, odd that it can provoke such negative reactions on others.

      You will miss your pink toes, give it time!

  2. Yes, definitely. I think navy and black look great together and you pull it off beautifully, especially with your hair colour :)

    1. Thanks, it is a combination I think works fine! x

  3. Love this combo, black can be a bit dismal on its own!


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