Friday, 6 September 2013

A hole in my wardrobe

I mean - how CAN it have happened?

After all my purchasing and browsing and fiddling over the years, it took a radical wardrobe 'declutter' to discover that one of my absolute essentials is a black skirt. Not just any black skirt mind you: I have some too short, some too long, some too large (although none too small, oddly?!), some too buttoned, some too bunchy...I won't bore you, the list goes on.

No - what I needed was something really minimal, simple, stretchy and 'flat'.  I have plenty going on around the waistline already thank you very much - I don't need bulging zips and sticky outy button tabs adding to my woes.

Now I may have said it many times before - but I'll say it again - this blog is a learning curve for me. Don't come here expecting any answers - or, if you do, be prepared to wait a long time while I muddle through stuff and the penny eventually drops!

However....if you also have come to the conclusion that a simple black skirt is what you need to fill your wardrobe hole (a kind of 'skirt shaped alternative to black trousers' I guess) then you may have come to the right place. I give you this:

Whistles Jersey skirt - £45 (John Lewis)
More sizes available here - Whistles online

It's a jersey skirt from Whistles - called the 'tube skirt'. It simply slips on, no zips or buttons. It is just above knee length on me - although they do a longer version, which the jury is still out on... (for me, but could be practical come the colder weather) - see below:

The short version (which I bought) is £45, which naturally equals a saving of £80 rather than any actual expenditure as such - as by buying this I avoided the pleated offering from Jigsaw (post the other day) which rang in at £125. Simples :-)

Here I am yesterday in London at the top of the 'View from the Shard'. Our school is not back yet so we had a final 'day out' day. Boy - what a day it was. I do not intend to repeat rush hour tube travel and small child combo anytime soon.  (By the way, note how even at the top of the Shard my photos - or rather the helpful assistant's photos - are still dismal. It is clearly a case of blaming the tools and my phone is not up to the job.)

Jacket - navy jersey 'biker' style from The White Company
Top - short sleeved breton - H&M
Skirt - navy pencil skirt - Tesco (similar here)
Shoes - tan TODS-a-likes from Russell & Bromley (old)
Bag - Longchamp - available from Selfridges

The torture of having to pass by the majority of shops just begging me to go in! The shoes - oh the shoes - that had to be ignored.  And the lego that had to be played with. Oh yes: Selfridges have a very nice little lego play station. Which, oddly enough, I somehow wasn't aware of until yesterday. If it came with fully paid up and vetted Norland nannies I may have been sorely tempted to leave in situ... but it didn't and I am not THAT bad a mother.... (I think! But the temptation was strong.)

The Shard was amazing - and I would highly recommend it. It was so well run and (shock horror...I am so cynical and old with low expectations) had such friendly and efficient staff.  

Loved the 'open-ness' - wow!

Simply amazing views.... and so peaceful - the noises are so far away.


  1. I'm looking for a short everyday black skirt and would love a leather one also for dressier occasions! You look fab:)

    1. Thanks Anne :-) I'd recommend trying the Whistles skirt, will keep an eye out for a leather version on my travels. x

  2. This must be fate, I got a 'bookatable' offer for the Shard of lunch for £24, I have been hesitating to book it, but will go for it! I love Coast for pencil skirts, they used to do them every season in all sorts of lengths and really good quality fabrics (with enough stretch to fit, but not get that wrinkled look across the tummy) check out ebay there will be loads and they are usually super cheap!

    1. Ooh do go for the Shard- you will love it. And lunch with a view too (bargain) - sounds fab! Thanks for the tip on Coast skirts and Ebay - I will have a look. x

  3. I do not have a simple plain black skirt either but I don't deem one missing for the time being or not till I go back to work.

    And how hellish - all those shops calling to you and not being able to venture in. I wonder if anybody has thought of that as a form of torture yet for women? Vee hav ways of making you talk - vee shall dangle you in the doorway of a shop and not let you go in!


    1. Lol - actually, on reflection the situation would probably have been worse once inside shop with small person nagging for lego. I swear I had lego on the brain last night. A shoe, made of lego...*wakes up in cold sweat* Did you know John Lewis sold lego bits loose by the bucket pic 'n' mix / popcorn style?? No, me neither!


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