Monday, 9 September 2013

Comfort dressing...or 'shopping on a fat day'

Comfort dressing. Oh dear me, when you dress for comfort, is it time to abandon all hope?  I felt today that my boyfriend jeans, which I thought I'd grown to love, were really not suiting me.  Maybe the changing room light was unflattering.  Maybe I'm just having a 'fat' day.

Whatever. Today I don't think they looked so good. I am not ready for elasticated slacks just yet. Now I am not exactly putting 'boyfriend jeans' into that category, but it made me think about why I wear stuff.

Put it this way, after an encounter with said changing room mirror, I came home and changed into a 'skinny' style. And incidentally how odd that when you are far from skinny, that such a style should seem to flatter more than a looser cut?!

At the start of the day...

At the end of the day... Yeah drab I know - but matched my mood.

Now I mentioned changing rooms - and yes I did manage to do some shopping / browsing in peace today. First time in months - (now that school is back) - much needed, but I didn't enjoy as much as I thought I would as I had a vague sense of foreboding all day for some reason. Probably guilt that I was doing something I wanted to for a change :-/

Without further ado however - here are the pictures of what caught my eye:

(Ooh 'as seen in Vogue' it says on their website, get me!)

(description says 'wide fit', which I didn't notice in the shop - didn't look any different from normal)

M&S Star print scarves £15 - looked better in the flesh. I preferred the burgundy. I apologise unreservedly for my photos - which it transpires, are even worse than M&S's. Nuff said. 

M&S jacket - combination of knit (sleeves) and wool felt (the rest) - can't seem to find on website.

Next, my quest for a replacement basic navy sweater continued (so far without success). I tried on 2 in GAP. Neither quite right.

GAP fine merino sweater - £39.95. Hmm. Just not quite right.

 The neck and shoulders felt better but I didn't want the looser shape and the side vents. If however, you are on the look out for something similar with a casual feel - this would be an excellent buy.

Not a sweater - a 'hoody' top - but tried anyway while I was in the navy theme. If you're in the market for such an item it's nice. I wasn't.  (But tried it anyway. As you do.)

NB Using code GAPSTYLE will give 15% off online at Gap. 

Next I went to hunt out the Mint Velvet 'tabard' (yuk to the name) which I blogged about the other day.   Turned out it was yuk by name and yuk by nature. A shame. Didn't feel right on me at all. The roll neck was clumsy and didn't sit well. This may of course be in a large part due to the fact that (a) I was feeling yukky and (b) my hair has been cut too short and is hugely annoying me. :-(  

However, I may return to this later in the season when (a) my hair has grown and (b) with a bit of luck it might be in a sale.  But for now, that's another 'itch scratched' and £69 saved. 

I took a few other things into the fitting room while I was at it. This beige knit from Whistles was nice but I've left for now as I don't really need it, was unsure of the crew neck. And of course, ahem,  I am trying hard to keep to my minimal wardrobe.  (Like that would have figured at all if I decided I needed it!)

Crew necks are too 'boobtastic' for me I fear. 
Classic colour and nice feel to it though.

Not shown on my pic or on website - but has nice mini slit detail at side seam. 
Liked it for layering - lighter weight than a knit. May return to this...although on the pricy side for what it is... ('wrinkles nose' and sounds like mother).

Tried. Liked. Purchased. :-)
If it feels ok on a 'fat' day - it's IN.

Last but not least, a quick dash to Tesco for their 'Shower shine' - which incidentally is the best on the market. Trust me, I have done extensive research. I now endure Tesco solely for this one item. Don't say I never tell you anything useful.

I had a quick recce in the clothing section hoping to see the denim pencil skirt I blogged about the other day. Didn't find it sadly, but did notice that they had this replica of a leather effect trim top which I bought in Zara last year - almost identical - right down to the brass coloured zip at the back - and for just £8!  I didn't have time to stay and investigate any other Zara-like items... but interesting.

Tesco Zara-a-like top - £8 (couldn't find on website yet) 

*** Disclaimer ***

I did none of these items any favours today. If you click the links you will see how they are actually meant to look. But sometimes I think it's useful also to see how they look on a short tubby person having a bad day.



  1. What a great post ... I've had days like that soooo often! Days when everything just seems 'meh' and nothing looks or fits right. Always best to have a latte and call it a day! Incidentally a friend of mine called to me today having had a little splurge in M&S. Wow, they seem to have some very nice pieces this year. She bought a muted sequin jacket (if that doesn't sound ridiculous) and quite honestly, she was lucky to leave her with it!!!

    1. Ah - glad it is not just me who has days like that!

      Agree that M&S have some very nice stuff at the moment. Probably just as well I was having a 'down' day otherwise I might have seriously over-bought! x

  2. Funny...... You are always so down on yourself misses. But, yes I had those days when nothing looks right because you don't feel right with yourself....horrible. Things seem too be looking up at good old Marks & Sparks, I spotted those leopard front flats, gorgeous. Xx

    1. Yes agree about M&S. These down days seem to be increasing. I need to get my arse in gear literally and metaphorically!

  3. Oh we all have those days but what you can take away from it is an intact purse. I found that when I've just been to the hairdressers and they've done some terrible blow dry on it, I feel pants. And because my hairdressers is in Leeds centre, this means I usually end up doing some shopping after and then everything looks wrong ... because my hair is wrong, which makes my face look wrong, which makes my tummy look big, which enhances the width of my thighs and so the debacle continues. I so identify with you when shopping on a bad day. Best to call it quits but if you find something which still looks great - definitely buy it. It has magical properties!

    1. Yup intact wallet indeedy. I saved £££. I need to go into minimal mode with the food too, as well as the clothes. SO true about the hair. I hate my hair at present, and almost cancelled the appointment - grrrr!

  4. you look great in all the outfits, do you know the song 'Sunscreen'? This is just one verse...
    But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked….You’re not as fat as you imagine. Don’t worry about the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum. The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind'. If you haven't heard it check it out on Youtube!

    1. Oh yes, I love the sunscreen song :-) It was true, looking back 20 years. I suppose it is just possible that I will also look back another 20 years hence and think I looked ok! I do need to lose weight though, I could look so much better and am annoyed with myself for accepting less than the best. Vain I know, but we only get one crack of the whip, so to speak! Thanks for your kind words :-)


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