Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Now, where was I?

I've been meaning to get my blog together again and the first day (well night, now) of 2014 seems as good and tidy a time as any.

I have no real resolutions other than to keep running! Back in September I started running. I am now totally in love with it. I now run 4k most days. And I've started using the gym, but I much prefer running outdoors.  You know all that codswallop you get told about exercise - endorphins, mood lifting etc etc...?  It's actually true. I am so cynical I never usually believe advice, or that something so simple can be so powerful. But it's done me no end of good - it lifts my mood and (oddly?) my skin has improved.

As to other resolutions, I debated whether to stop buying stuff. But that was never likely to go well. (Although it has reigned me in somewhat and stopped at least 2 tat-fests in the last few days.)

So far since Christmas I've bought 2 children's bed sets in Next;  a discounted cushion and this dress from Monsoon - which is 50% off - now £29.50.

Next and Monsoon - I haven't been shopping anywhere uber-exciting, clearly. Just having to make do with the provincial offerings for the moment. I've been out of love with Monsoon for a while but tried this on after it - and the price - caught my eye, and decided it would go nicely with my new bag...see below.

Monsoon Karina Dress - now £29.50

My new bag was a Christmas gift (in which I had some input....) I don't normally go for burgundy, but the black just looked so dull. Hopefully I won't regret the colour choice.  (Clearly not so far - as it's providing inspiration to buy more rose hued stuff!)

Mulberry Dorset Tote

Happy New Year everyone :-)


  1. Lovely to see you back! Gorgeous choice of bag too. Happy New Year to You . May it be a good one. XXX

  2. Happy New Year and great to see you back! Love, love, love the bag ... but then I'm a huge Mulberry fan! I'm sure you won't regret the colour and it will look fab with that dress x

  3. Your bag is fabulous! Hope you have a great 2014:)
    ~Anne xx

  4. Amazing bag - and it's called the Mulberry Dorset - I should really have one just for that reason! Abbi x


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