Saturday, 8 June 2013

The need to see it all

Regular readers of this blog-ette (it can't be a full blown blog; it's too strange and irregular) will know that I have an ongoing quest to marshal and organise my possessions into something approaching efficiency.

  1. I tried chucking everything out. That failed. I regularly dispose of things I later want to find and wear - I still obviously needed them.  
  2. I tried packing everything away neatly.  In a wardrobe and cupboards (shock!) That too, strangely, failed. The cupboards and rails groaned under the weight of the full volume of my possessions. I went out and bought things I already had because if I can't SEE them I don't know I have them. I have the memory of a goldfish too, clearly.  (It's not just clothing that causes a problem here. I once tried to file my work - a strange alien concept that had never occurred to me before, but I saw someone else do it and thought I'd give it a shot. MAJOR disaster.) No - I am a very visual person. I need to see stuff in order to make it work for me. Weird huh?
  3. I tried leaving things casually strewn around. Obviously that failed. It all just ended up in a terrible heap. And although I am often chaotic in my thought processes, I don't like tangible clutter, and I like to look after things properly, firstly because  a lot of them are 'investment' items which I will keep for a long time; and secondly, we (I) derive more pleasure from things which are presented in a pleasing / attractive way. There's a whole separate topic there - the science of marketing and window dressing....!
  4. Finally, I tried hanging things 'artily' around the bedroom as once depicted in Vogue - a la 'my home is really my showcase of perfectly crafted items'. That not only failed , it looked plain weird. 
I'm still searching for the perfect solution and don't expect to find a miracle cure anytime soon.

A few pearls from my experience (frustrations) to date however:

  • Folding stuff is a nightmare. It all collapses unless you have ultra shallow shelves. Ultra shallow shelves are also a nightmare. Someone design me some shelves at the optimum height PLEASE!
  • Shoes are an ongoing problem. Pack them away in their boxes and you forget they exist - see '2' above. Leave them out - see '3' above. (And really - does anyone honestly believe that stuff about sticking a picture of the shoe on the box?  Or buy clear plastic Muji containers? Any anyway - if I've got a posh shoe box I want to keep it united with the shoe.  I know that's the OCD / anal part of me showing through.)

How do you store your things, fellow bloggers?


  1. I'm with you there - I am saving to have a bigger built wardrobe to put in our bedroom as ours descends into disarray really quickly and I hate that. As for the shoes - I have never got to the bottom of that. I do keep the nicer ones in the boxes, but then they take up more room and I forget which box is which! I keep some in a deep drawer which at least keeps them out of sight and the ones I wear a lot I line up under the bed!! When you find a solution do tell as I could do with a shoe storage one!!!

    1. I think larger may be the only answer... Dressing room here I come?!

  2. My final plan for the garage store cum boudoir is hanging rails with EVERY item hanging on its own hanger themed by colour. I agree re folding and it is the only way to find something specific. I used to try all that separating winter and summer stuff, but sice uk weather has merged to one season, that doesn't work either!

    1. Agree re winter and summer. And I am lazy and don't want to have to forage too far into storage for a particular 'colder weather' item. Your storage boudoir is going to be so good!

  3. I do switch out summer and winter footwear. I have a big plastic box for flip flops and flats which I don't care too much about and that doesn't take up too much room at the front of the wardrobe on the floor. The rest of my current season footwear goes on a rack at the bottom of my wardrobe. I also like to see my clothes - my excuse for the strewn clothing all over the house but I also have this strange Benetton affliction to make my wardrobe look as tidy as possible whilst all around is bedlam. My constant curating and culling is wholly ineffective and now I live though other people's culling whilst I sit with my head in my hands amongst my 20 pairs of jeans none of which I like.

    You are not alone.

    1. Lol lol lol!! What mirth the image of you with the 20 pairs of unsuitable jeans - you and me both. I am SO glad I am not alone!!

      I am with you on the 'Benetton wardrobe' thing too - what a great phrase to coin. Wardrobe full of stuff which is not being worn - just sits there looking neat while I select from the random 'pile'!


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