Saturday, 8 June 2013

The crazed woman who dislikes summer

That would be me.  Well, perhaps 'dislike' is too strong a word. I enjoy a pleasant 'warm' (not hot) day as much as the next person. But I am definitely more comfortable and at ease in cooler weather. The reasons are manifold, but to summarise:

I am a hot blooded person who feels far more uncomfortable being hot than cold. Besides colder weather = more layers = more clothing = more shopping = more fun = can only be a good thing, no?

I am not confident about showing too much flesh and at a certain age, other people don't want to see it. With the best will in the world, gravity takes its toll on us all.

My skin is very very pale. And when it does tan it does so in a very irregular manner. I kid you not - I have strange little squares all over my legs where that bit tanned, that other bit didn't. There's no rhyme or reason to it, no obstacles or suncreams involved - it just happened!

This leads onto the fact that I am rather lazy, or should I say I prefer a lie in to a full self tanning session first thing in the morning. And we all know you can't self-tan at night as it makes the pristine white sheets look like they are in dire need of a wash.

This further leads onto forcing me into wearing trousers / leggings even when it's hot. Which makes me too hot.  And deprives me of the chance to look more feminine from time to time and wear a garment shape which works for me (tea dress).

I am counting down the days to autumn already.  Give me cashmere, give me layers. Give me a damp autumn day in Paris in a roll neck, and trench-coat. (OK the Paris bit does make it slightly more appealing!)  It's memory driven too. Some of my happiest memories and most successful dressing have been set against autumnal Paris. Big sigh. I need to go to Paris again soon SO badly.  Blogging from Paris - just think of the opportunities. Will have to wait until after August though.

Are you season driven in your style inspiration?


  1. I would love you to try some of the fake tan. Would you dare? Go on to my blog and google st barts and you can read all about it. It would be fascinating to see if it tanned you consistently. More than happy to send a free bottle, but due to width postage is best part on 3 quid. If you are interested leave me a message on my latest post or email and we can work some thing out!

    1. Ooh thanks for the very kind offer. Have not used St Barts before - but will have a look. I have a tube of St Tropez gradual tan which I MUST get around to using!! x

  2. Oh I completely agree with you! I'm not a huge summer fan. I love Spring and I love Autumn - I love boots and jackets and blazers and scarves! I hate summer because I struggle to dress to conceal psoriasis .. if the sun is hot, I feel duty bound to sit out or lie out in the hope that my skin will reap the benefits. It's all just too much like hard work. I'm with you .. roll on Autumn. The season of new boots :)

    1. It can be hard work, and must be a pain for you especially. But oh yes! (rubs hands in glee) - the prospect of new boots...even more reasons to look forward to September. :-)

  3. I don't like it hot ... and I don't like it cold. There's no pleasing some is there? I like that I don't have to wear a coat when I head out the door but like most older ladies - I don't like to show too much. I have my own hangups so the less I reveal the better. A summers day which allows you to wear a cardigan is good in my books.


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