Monday, 10 June 2013

Dress please

A few summer dress outfits.

The Tesco F&F maxi dress was a shameless 'steal' from Avril at School Gate Style who styled it to perfection.  And I managed to scoop it up using some Clubcard vouchers, meaning that it ended up costing about £3. What a bargain :-)

Tesco F&F Maxi dress, LK Bennet belt & wedge sandals 

The other two were also supermarket finds - both from Sainsbury's. I think the greeny turquoise dress looks better with the wide belt than without.

The Paisley one I loved in the shop, but am really not so sure now. Isn't it weird how your perception of looking at yourself in a mirror can be totally different from seeing a photo of yourself in said item?!

I mentioned the other day about gravity taking its toll - and I am very afraid the problem is now affecting my arms, which have so far not been too much of a worry.  However, recent pics show them looking a tad err...wrong. Mind you, I could do with losing a few pounds all over - so that would help.  The Sainsbury's paisley dress is the worst offender for some reason I think: the cap sleeves cut off at just the wrong point. Maybe I can take a leaf out of Susie-SoSo's book and wield my scissors / sewing machine.

Left - dress Sainsbury's, navy belt & wedges as above.  Right - dress Sainsbury's, nude LK Bennett wedges


  1. That's so funny, I was in Tesco yesterday, and saw that lovely dress, and thought what a beauty!I didn't get it, as I do have something similar. But getting it for £3 with your vouchers was such a snip! I agree with you re: cap sleeves, they are not the most flattering, unless you have the arms of a ballerina!! xx

  2. Love the maxi dress with the belt added - gives a lovely shape. The sainsburys turquoise dress is also a really pretty shape and colour on you - great finds.

  3. your arms are fine, just try some fake tan!! Love the darker colours, I'm really getting into the William Morris type styles for homes, clothes everything! With stuff that is cheaper dark usually seems to be the best way to go, you wouldn't believe that either of those two dresses were from a supermarket! The turquoise makes your waist tiny though!

  4. The Sainsbury's dress is my favourite - it really suits your shape and colouring.

  5. Love the maxi(addition of belt a great idea) and also the Sainsbury blue (the colour is gorgeous with your hair) I think the above comment is correct - if you try fake tan, it might help with the arms? I think your arms look fine ... but then I guess I'm looking with a 'different set of eyes' as to me it's all about the clear skin :)

  6. Love the maxi, the turquoise dress is a great colour on you. Great finds xx


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