Wednesday, 12 June 2013


That's the name of the Rimmel nail polish I'm wearing today, inspired by my new coral 'Willow' tunic from Monsoon.  (They call it pink. It's definitely coral.)  Matchy-matchy? OTT?  Yup, that's me.

I followed my own advice and bought another of these tunics as I like the style so much. I already have the navy.

I sized down this time and think the smaller size is a much better fit.

That'll teach me to be impatient and not up together with the laundry. (Which is why I wore the navy tunic rather than exchanging it. I didn't think the good people of my neighbourhood would relish the sight of me and my spare tyre effecting my exchange tunic-less. And yes it was that bad! There you have it - shopping as a public service in the interests of decency.)

Tunic - Monsoon 
Navy Jeggings - River Island
Necklace - John Lewis (old)
Sandals - Toast outlet


  1. Love this tunic - I may pop into Monsoon to see if they have one. I have been looking for a coral tunic for ages and just haven't found anything I like! I am matchy matchy too - just am. Have accepted it about myself now. Am like a fish out of water if I clash! X


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