Friday, 17 April 2015

Whistles sale shopping

Hi everyone, I've been AWOL a long time for which I apologise.

I found some lovely things the other day in Whistles, all of which were in the sale.

Here they are:

I have the black also and it's a real wardrobe staple, so the grey was a no-brainer :-)

This was a bit random but just one of those odd ball impulse purchases that I tried on and looked good so I went for it.

Just because it's pretty!

I have been busy clearing out my stuff following a radical new no nonsense approach from a lady called Marie Kondo - which (so far) has worked even for me - a hoarder extrordinaire.  

Post on that to follow .......


  1. Hi! (Waves madly). Lovely to see you posting again. And oh my goodness - you are doing the Marie Kondo thing. Tell me more. Is there hope for me?

    1. Hi (mad wave back) - yes; I very much recommend Marie Kondo - if it works for me it'll work for anyone. Chucking stuff out is now a pleasure :-)

  2. Welcome back!!! I can't say I've ever ever ever looked at Whistles - think it's out of my price range but I do love the clothes!

    1. I don't think I've ever bought anything non sale, but they do seem to have quite a few random sales fortunately :-) xx


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