Saturday, 1 June 2013

Me (and a little philosophy)

I haven't posted for err... ages. Sorry to anyone who may have noticed or cared!

It doesn't mean I haven't been busy, on occasion, scouting out lovely things. More of that below.

However, call me pretentious (or maybe just I'm just in one of those odd phases I go through now and again), but much as I love clothes etc... I do on occasion feel like getting off the merry-go-round. I mean, I have enough. Waste and excess depresses me. And it feels unsustainable and unethical to keep buy-buy-buying. That said, it's never stopped me before :-0   But I have had a touch of 'shopping fatigue' of late and I suppose have been a bit more judicious with selecting the stuff I have bought.

Having said ALL of that, I do have new purchases to report. And a couple of outfit posts. These are not noteworthy, but I need to get back in the blogging groove, so have just posted a couple of (fairly mundane) recent outfits.

Sainsbury's dress. Primark sandals - bought in March (!) - before I had this off fatigue clearly, and rediscovered today...

Toast trousers, H&M blouse (both old), Primark sandals as above.

Kilver Court outlet bargain 

Toast archive sale bargain

Think that's me all set for summer footwear now :-)


  1. I'm totally with you, I have had a huge clear out and don't want to fill space with anything unless I love it. And eBay was a totally depressing experience, with clothes that had cost thousands in total selling or about 200 quid!

    1. Ugh, I agree ebay is a trial. Then you get unreasonable people moaning that your item is not in fact new. Er - no - that's why it's for sale for peanuts on ebay - doh!!

  2. Lovely to hear from you on here. I read a lot of blogs on "curating" and "culling" and I'm fascinated by the whole process but it's done me no good apart from making a mess of my two spare rooms.

    I love the Toast sandals/shoes. My cup of shoe totally.

    1. Culling is a nightmare. Only today I was looking for some Zara jeans in brown I wanted to wear and realised I'd got rid. The combination of a mood-driven, indecisive person with too much stuff (me) is not a happy or convenient one!!

      Sandals were fab bargain :-)

  3. Oh more shoes!! Loving them all - I've become such a fan of LK Bennett shoes...getting a taste for the high life...thankfully I have a great outlet nearby too x

    1. The outlets are so good aren;t they? Mine seems to have a constant extra 20% off too - meaning it's just too good to miss. LK Bennett flats now actually working out cheaper than Clarks / M&S! :-)


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