Friday, 28 June 2013

'Boyfriend' jeans and sale sandals

Sales shopping for me is usually the chance to grab something that I might have been drawn to earlier in the year, magpie- like, but for whatever reason, didn't want to buy at full price.

Aware that they could be a one season wonder, I was reluctant to buy these red sandals from Topshop earlier in the season, but reduced to £25, in my size - oh yes!  I do love red shoes. I had some red Boden pumps once which I think were bought by accident / as an afterthought - as the colour I really wanted was out of stock.  Loved those red Boden pumps though...I think they are the only shoes I have ever literally worn to pieces!

So I hope these are a wise buy:
Topshop Nano Clog t-bar sandals - reduced to £25 

I declared a few months ago that I would not be buying 'boyfriend' jeans.  Browsing on the net-a-porter site the other day however, I spotted some Current/Elliot jeans.....  they just appealed for some reason. I am very slow to 'get' new trends! - they were but too pricey.

Now, I am a little worried that Topshop have false trickery type mirrors which make you look better than you really look. I bought the Topshop boyfriend jeans - £42. Having tried these on at home I am slightly worried that they make my bum look odd and 'flat' (not in a good way).

Has anyone else had this problem with 'boyfriend' jeans?  Probably just due to the fact that I need to lose a pound or two... but in any case it is too late to change my mind as, such was my enthusiasm,  the tags have been removed.  Subtle change of leg shape also needs a totally different top though.

These, I've decided, will only really work with a fitted or 'tucked in' top (which compounds the 'bum' issue). Wearing them with my favoured looser tops makes me look like a humungous shapeless heap. (Well, I mean clearly I AM said heap...but the key is the cunning 'sleight of dress' to disguise this with the right!)

Topshop 'Boyfriend' jeans; H&M top, Topshop sandals (sale buy!)

I tried on another pair of 'boyfriend' jeans in River Island which I liked from the leg downwards, (the 'worn' part was nice) but the top part was weird and so were the pockets.  (I also broke a nail trying to undo the button, but I digress...)

River Island 'Boyfriend' jeans (not bought)

Finally, a Topshop Midi skirt with a star print. (What is it with me, Topshop and stars..anyone remember the Topshop star jumper?!)  

Luckily I was saved by the mismatched seam (pet hate)... so did not buy. A good move I feel, as not terribly flattering I'm sure you'll agree! (See bum woes above.)

Topshop midi skirt (not bought)


Final word.  No progress yet on the 10 item wardrobe. As is clear from this post, wardrobe has in fact just increased by 2 items... so I am moving in the wrong direction.  I have read up on it further however, and the 10 items do not include shoes, coats, layering t shirts /vest tops etc, accessories - bags, scarves etc - or 'special occasion' wear - dresses and the like....which is evidently just as well!


  1. totally agree on the flat bum thing with boyfriend jeans and the slightly weird wide hip look even on the most snake hipped of ladies, I'm still not sure, it was one of those styles that I thought that I would grow to like (just as everyone else moves on) but I've never seen anyone look better in them than in skinnies or bootcut. The red shoes are fab, I was going to get some wooden ones, but worried about lack of flexibility and comfort, let me know how they are after a fairly long wear!

    1. I just re read your post and realised you said that you had removed tags, would love to see if she's tips work, as on these warmer summer days, the baggier cut could be more comfofrtable, tell us if you get enough wear out of them and if they are worth the extra effort!

    2. Am loving the boyfriend jeans so far. Yes the looser cut is better in warmer weather I think. The shape is really growing on me. So much so that I've ordered another pair from Primark (see today's post!) Weird isn't it how something suddenly looks right when before you just couldn't 'see it'?!

      And pleased to report that having worn the new Topshop sandals all day on Saturday they were very comfortable!

  2. I couldn't believe the title of your post - boyfriend jeans! And there you are in boyfriend jeans! And they don't look strange or anything. I like them with the stripy top and red clog sandals - a very classic but fun look - I have similar in my wardrobe. And I know what you mean about some of them fit a bit strange on the top and are best covered up - I have a pair of those too would you believe.

    How about wearing a tucked in tee to give you the slimness from the front but with a longer cardi to get over the flat bum showing issue - it's a trick I use when I don't want people looking at my less than perfect behind.

    1. Have solved dilemma by wearing long dipped hem Zara t shirt tucked in a bit at the front and left loose at the back. Didn't get a chance to take an outfit pic today but was waltzing around like this all day today and didn't get too many points and stares. Will take pic for advice and post asap in case am deluded! :-)


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