Sunday, 28 April 2013

White stilettos (am I mad?) and LK Bennett

I saw a picture of Alexandra Shulman (UK Vogue Editor) wearing some today and they looked quite 'fresh' and nice.

I guess this means they are the shoe-trend du jour. I am unsure how long this fad might linger, so have no immediate plans to purchase any - but one to ponder I think.

In other buying, I have a bit of a 'thing' going on at LK Bennett recently. Mainly because the staff at my local branch are so genuinely nice and helpful.

I bought a trench coloured trench coat, and some navy blue wedge sandals (both reduced in 'spring reductions').  I've already worn the trench coat several times and I suspect it will continue to be a frequently worn item, as the prevailing weather around me is 'damp'.

Seriously though, aside from the weather, I really like this coat. It has a nice feel to the fabric, is quite substantial, so is warm/ practical as well as looking good. The shape is also good for me (5 ft 5 hourglass) which is great as I can struggle with coats in the waist area - with the waist not sitting at quite the right place. So if you are a mid height curvy girl I urge you to try it. I think it's a good investment purchase.

The sandals probably won't get so much wear as (a) my legs and toes need to be brought out of winter hibernation and (b) it still IS winter in these parts.  A purchase of hope over experience I feel!  However, like the coat I really liked them and the trip to purchase was a return visit, having pondered for a while. I like the wedge height - high but not ridiculously so, and the fact that they don't have that weird platform sole you often see nowadays (which is a not a personal favourite of mine!)

Photos of me wearing stuff to follow - but my house is full of ground up plaster / brick and general building grime at the moment - it's a challenge to find a decent environment for a photo - let alone a non dust covered mirror!


  1. Firstly, just to say great to have you following me...thankyou! Secondly, I think the white stiletto, can work, but it needs work if you know what I mean, it's not just a throw on type of shoe, unless you are Alexandra Shulman of course! Like you might be tempted when white legs get a bit more sunlight? Love the trench, and fab wedges too...very chic! xx

  2. I also bought a trench in Gap recently and I am so glad I did. I saw some white court shoes in Topshop weeks ago and there is something about them for sure, but I don't think I would wear them at my age, AS I am not!

  3. I like the idea of the white stilettos - show me enough images on glamourous women and I can be easily brain washed, but in reality, I've not come across a good looking pair yet.

    And I'm guilty of having mini platform sandals but I need the extra height - that's my case for them.

  4. Those wedges will look amazing with boot cut jeans and give you a few extra inches in the leg, as long as they are comfortable you will get loads of wear out of them and wish you had stockpiled!!

  5. I actually dug my white stilettos out from the bottom of my wardrobe to complete my monochrome look (see 'The Reluctant Photographer on and have fallen in love with them again!


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