Saturday, 4 August 2012

Take a navy Jigsaw top...

...and add a necklace or two:
Bright pink necklace, Zara
The Jigsaw top is a favourite of mine. The neckline has a very pretty ruffled detail with a row of little satin covered beads. I thought it had gone into the sale, but have just looked on the website and couldn't see it. Hopefully a similar style will be repeated next season.

The pink necklace is from Zara and is very a bright, almost neon pink. I love the droplets and the fact that it is ornate without being too 'bling' or looking like it's trying to be some kind of gemstone... It doesn't seem to be on their website yet. I also have my eye on the necklace below, which is also very pretty in the flesh.

The other necklace is the gold tone one from Primark as mentioned the other day.

I now absolutely am on a spending ban and will soon have to turn my thoughts to packing for our Scottish break. Wet weather gear is featuring large in my mind at the moment. We are heading to Altnaharra in the the far north so style may (I'm afraid) have to take a back seat, it will be Barbour jackets and sensible footwear all the way - especially as the only way to reach the beautiful Sandwood Bay is a 4 mile hike by footpath!


  1. I haven't bought much in recent years from Jigsaw. I used to buy a lot when I was working but I don't really have the disposable income I once enjoyed when I was working pre children. But their clothes do last - I have 1 jumpers which is probably about 15-18 years old from there. I love the neon necklaces but haven't bought any - I'm really quite rubbish at wearing jewellery - more a scarves lady these days!

    When does the Scottish break happen? Every time I go up there it rains.

    1. Hi Sue, yes Jigsaw things last well - I like their basic t shirts too. I also have a very ancient grey ribbed sweater which is about 18 years old and still going strong - maybe the same one as yours?! We are off to Scotland at the end of next week.

  2. Yes, I saw that Zara necklace last week and I'm beginning to wish I bought - it will be gone before I'm in again..have seen a few bloggers talking about it! Avril x


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