Thursday, 2 August 2012

A tea dress and Mulberry

Today it's back to the (for me) tried and tested outfit of a tea dress. A Brora 40s style tea dress, in fact. This was a sale bargain from last year.

Much as I love my new Primark style finds, I do love my dresses.  "You have to wear what suits you Ash..." as my dear old Mum would say ;-)

I recommend waiting until the bitter end in the Brora sale, as the prices are initially £££ but come down to more sensible levels in the clearance section.
Brora tea dress

Together with my gorgeous Mulberry Mitzy Hobo - close up below.

I am lucky to live near a Mulberry outlet store, and have picked up some amazing bargains over the years... (that makes me sound so old - wait, I am!)  I will be blogging about more of these in the days ahead.

The outlets often have styles which have been discontinued, as I think is the case with the Mitzy hobo - so definitely worth a call - Google Bicester, York, Chester, Shepton Mallet Mulberry outlet - they are usually happy to post if they have something you'd like and it's too far to visit.
Mulberry Mitzy Hobo in Oak pebbled leather
And having extolled the virtues of Brora and Mulberry, where do you think I am off to today? 

........Primark - that's where!  I think I will return the leopard print skinny jeans as I had a 'tag removal session' last night - the point at which (in my zany world) the new items officially transfer themselves into my possession... and something stopped me removing the tags on the leopard print. My inner 'style-o-meter' telling me they were not quite 'me' I suspect.   Ho-hum.  I could change my mind once I get there, but they're coming with me just in case!  

I may well get the Pleather studded tote from my post the other day instead. Will report back!

Hope everyone has a nice day, the weather has cheered up nicely here. 


  1. So - did the pants get returned or did you keep them after all that? We have a Mulberry Outlet in York which I always pop past when I have a lunch with the girls and a days out shopping. We love looking .... but yet to buy.

    I love the Liberty print dresses from Brora - they just don't love me. They're always too long and make me look a bit frumpy consequently. Out of curiosity - how tall are you? They seem to fit you well - lucky you. I love Brora stuff.

  2. Hi Sue - oh the pants.. the pants! In the end I exchanged them for my normal size which look and feel a lot better, although I'll have to breathe in when doing them up. Can;t go far wrong for £13 can you? I am 5ft 5 but have a mega long body and short little legs, I wonder if this is the secret to suiting the Brora dresses as they do seem to work for me. I sometimes worry that this indicates that frump-dom is my natural habitat :-o

    1. I'm only 5ft 2 so that's probably why they don't fit me. The Brora dresses are a bit like the Cath Kidston ones I imagine - I only fit in anything of theirs which they class as a mini dress and it's not even mini on me - just above the knee. Just means I'm a short bum. I also have a long torso and short legs as my sisters love to point out (no sibling rivalry here).

      A simple tunic top in cream/ivory or black will work great with the leopards.

  3. I have seen a few bloggers with the leopard jeans, I do love them on others but when you are in your late forties, it makes a massive difference to being early 40's and I just don't feel either me or the middle aged spread can get away with them!
    Thanks for the follow, have added myself as a follower over here as well xx

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting and for following my blog! Look forward to exchanging ideas etc in the future :-) I decided the leopard print jeans were not for me in the end - they have been returned! x

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! It's gorgeous! Lol on the leopard print jeans...I want to go find them now - am intrigued!! Avril x

    1. You would probably rock them Avril! However, I now have my eye on some dark blue print jeans from Zara as blogged on 'What Jools wore'... which may be better :-) x


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