Sunday, 5 August 2012

Something old and new, and something 'Made in Heaven'...

The subtitle for this post is: 'Just wear what you love and it will be OK'..... 

Today I donned the softest, most wonderful pair of trousers / jeans I've ever owned - my 'Made in Heaven' Vienna super skinny trousers. They are lightweight with a soft peachy finish, like a second skin, and I love them. Well worth the investment.

I paired them with an old Hobbs cotton navy blazer and my new Zara butterfly print scarf.

Now call me old-fashioned - which I most probably am! - but I really don't like the mania for all these skull print items. I know that McQueen started it and it's uber cool etc etc - but I don't care, they give me the creeps and that's that. I've seen enough of real skulls thank you very much and I can assure you they're not something I want to dwell on :-( Anyhow, enough of the philosophising - this is a fashion blog after all.

The butterfly print scarf however, manages - either by accident or clever design - to have something of the look of the skull design, but is in fact just nice wholesome, pretty butterflies. How clever is that, and if there is someone at Zara's creative team who can get inside the mind of someone like me - well I salute them :-)
Scarf - Zara
Jacket - Hobbs (similar here)
Shoes - Primark (£4......£4 - for shoes?! Amazing.)

(Also available with a white background).

While I was on the MiH website getting the link for the jeans, I also came across this Dove Print t-shirt which I thought was lovely.  
Link to dove print t shirt here - T shirt is £65 so not for me (strict self-imposed no buy zone) at the moment - but one to keep an eye on I think!


  1. Hello Ash! Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! I love your jacket and of course that Zara scarf is fab:) Good luck with your blog ...I can honestly say starting mine was one of the best things I did last year! Looking forward to connecting with you and getting some more lovely inspiration:)

    1. Thanks Anne - I'm enjoying this blogging lark - yours is great!

  2. Do you know - that outfit really suits you and your shape. The scarf is a good buy and will work with such a lot because of the colour tones in it. I'm guilty of having a couple of the skull print scarves but they don't get that much fashion time probably because they have been done to death now. The jeans sound wonderfully comfortable but it's been a long time since I paid a lot for a pair of jeans - I seem to live in New Look ones as they have the right length leg for me. I would try Uniqlo if I could work out their dratted sizing!

    I am also missing a blazer from my wardrobe - I have been looking for the last couple of years but have yet to find my perfect blazer/jacket with the perfect fit. I'm hoping for a grey tweed or something similar.

    1. Hi Sue - thanks, yes the jacket is a good shape for me. I've had much less expensive jeans which fit and look great - but there's just something so lovely about the fabric on those MiH ones :-) Will alert you if I spot any nice blazers.

  3. Lovely outfit - that scarf is a great find also! Avril x


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