Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A/W Essentials Part 1: Opaque Tights

I can't quite believe I am blogging about opaque tights in August, but there is a small part of me which actually looks forward to Autumn (winter, not so much: cool I can do, icy I hate!) I'm a country girl at heart, and I love the cool, crisp days, the ploughed fields, the (few but beautiful) blue skies, the last of the amber leaves clinging stubbornly to the old oaks, the sense of nature changing pace and the smell of woodsmoke lingering in the air on a misty afternoon / evening.

So it's always with relish that I start once more to think about cocooning myself to make the most of my favourite season.  Today my thoughts have turned to opaque tights, a key buy for me.  Oddly perhaps, in autumn I tend to wear skirts more, maybe because of the security and warmth of the opaque beauties, I can get my legs out more without feeling too mutton like. Opaque tights can, of course, also prolong the wear you can get from lighter weight 'summer' dresses and the like - layer up with thick tights and a warm knit and - 'ta-da' - many a garment is transformed into a transitional outfit :-)  This is where you can also have lots of fun with different coloured opaques - there is a fantastic range of colours available if black or grey are not your bag.

For me, tights are a 'splurge' rather than a 'save' item.  One good quality pair last me all season and beyond. Last year my best buy were the Cotton Touch tights by Falke - soft, matt, velvety and hard wearing - what more could a leg can ask for? I  also invested in a Falke hosiery wash bag to protect from snags in the wash.

Another favourite of mine are the 'Wolford Velvet de luxe 66' tights - I like anthracite (dark grey), a more subtle and versatile look than pure black.

I usually buy my tights from tightsplease.co.uk as they offer free UK delivery and fast service - but prices are in fact slightly lower on the John Lewis website - though John Lewis do charge for delivery unless you are spending over £50.  The 'mytights' website  also has a good selection of colours and thicknesses.

A worthy drawer-fellow this year might be the M&S Autograph tights with cashmere - which seem to have good reviews and are (compared to Wolford etc) a bargainous  £9.50.

I am also excited to see that Boden are selling tights this year - a two pack for £29 - charcoal spot and fig rib anyone...? (sounds like a variety of pig and/or flavour of crisp!)   Being the tights freak that I am  I will probably end up investigating at least one of these colour-ways, and will no doubt report back in due course...

Now, I wonder if someone will come along who can swear that Primark tights are the best out there...?

Who knows... last week I would have said that shoes were one of my 'splurge' not 'save' items - but here I am loving my £4 Primark pumps, so I am very open to trying other tights brands this year!


  1. I would hardly call my fleece lined tights from Primark a luxury item but they have been a god send and don't seem to click. They're almost a legging but they do take the edge off the winter chill when I do actually choose to wear a dress. I also can't bear to wear tights once they have the tiniest mark on them so I spend more than is necessary on innumerable pairs of tights. My problem is I also can't bear to throw the ones away I no longer wear.

    1. Yes I know where you're coming from on the hoarding - it is difficult to dispose of them unless totally wrecked - as "that's the only pair I have in that colour / pattern etc which would work with such and such an item really well...." (extract from my brain when surveying old tight stock)...! Thanks for the tip-off about Primark! x

  2. I'm an M&S tights girl...love the support ones and find they last really well....and when I ruin them in some zip or child related incident, I don't feel the pain of having paid any more than about £6 a pair! Like Sue, I have a pair of the Primark fleece lined ones and wear them like leggings...not bad but not as good as good old Marksies! Avril x

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