Monday, 18 February 2013

The winners, the losers and the ones that got away

Following on from my reflective theme, more thoughts on the successes and failures of my purchases over the past few months. In the somewhat muddled style that is no doubt my signature - here goes:

What I bought and regret returning

  • White Company navy grosgrain trim blazer. Yes it was too £££ but I still miss it. A classic.

What I regret buying (and keeping)

  • H&M biker style jacket. An odd one this. In theory it's great. In theory it's versatile. And odder still, in reality I have worn it. However, it's just not really 'me'.
  • Topshop black ladder stitch sweater. Yes it was reduced. Yes that's probably why it's sat unopened in the packet for the last 5 weeks.
  • White company scarves (grey and beige) - lovely but in hindsight they were utterly superfluous.
  • White company navy dress. (See above.)
  • H&M hessian sack like dress. Sort of OK I suppose, so it only just scrapes into this category. But I am stymied with coat wearing - unless I go for full-on long greatcoat style. It pokes out underneath anything else and looks very peculiar.  On it's own it's just about passable (though still undeniably sack like. There are days however when sack is good - so it's earned its place.)

What I almost bought but am glad I didn't (see also: what I did buy but am glad I returned)

  • Topshop round toe low heeled shoes. Simply the most hideous item I've seen in a long time.
  • Leopard print sweater from New Look. I salute anyone who can make Leopard print 'work'. They are a  better woman than me. 
  • Topshop faux Ostrich phone cover. Cheap and looked it. New motto when it comes to tat: avoid avoid avoid.

What I bought and am glad I did

  • Coated skinny jeggings
  • Topshop Acne-a-like boots
  • White Company poncho
  • Pure collection snood
  • H&M long v necked sweaters in bronze and navy - so so useful.

What have I learnt?

As much as I will ever 'learn' anything.....

1. Buy what I love; (NB This is not necessarily the same as 'buy what is useful / practical' - but if you love it you will wear it!)
2. Ignore the naysayers; and 
3. Trust the good old 'gut'.


  1. Great post and it's really got me thinking. Despite trying to be focused in what I buy over the past few years, I also have things that I regret buying .. even moreso, I have things that I regret NOT buying!!!

    1. I think the blog is helping me to become (a bit) more focused...I hope!! xx

  2. Very interesting, although gutted about your dislike of something leopard print, I just love it!

    1. Your LV leopard scarf is divine Sharron. I just seem to be one of those people who can't wear it - or can't feel comfortable when wearing it :-( xx

  3. Oh trust the gut is my best friend!

  4. I too find myself regreting the things I dont buy and I usually have justified the "not buying" by thinking that I dont need it, or its too expensive but will happily part with the money to buy my kids something equally expensive. Think I need to work on my "self worth" issues a bit there. I also will not wear animial print .....for me its always "Bet Lynch" but admire others who wear it with flair! Lovely to see you blogging look forward to reading your stuff.

    1. Thanks Sian :-) Glad it's not just me with 'leopard issues'. Definitely buy yourself something you love - it will work out cheaper than lots of cheaper things (does that even make sense?!) and will give you far more pleasure... says she, who needs to practise what she preaches a bit more! x

  5. I'm with Sian - lovely to have you blogging again. I do on the whole trust the gut which is why I am a solitary shopper - then no one can say "nooooo way" to any of my random purchases. Interestingly enough - which category does your Primark wedge shoe boots fit into?

    1. Primark shoe boots have had their moments in the shade- so to speak, but I've recently been wearing them again a lot, so they are in the 'good purchase' dept.

      Also the River Island silver wedges: I was v doubtful about them to start with, despite you lot all saying 'keep them'... so I bowed to your greater wisdom (and vanity - they give me more height!) and must say they are proving to be a good buy :-)

  6. I agree! Life is too short not to have a wardrobe full of clothes you love!


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