Thursday, 21 February 2013

Pea green and paisley..

...the two trousers I'm blogging about today :-)

First up - the Zara 'pea green' trousers I bought last August in the sale. Worn again today for the first time since late last summer as I had a feeling that the day might be quite springlike and it seemed appropriate to go with a 'green' theme. Springlike mood quickly dashed on exiting the house and having to scrape ice off of the car... >:-(

Zara green trousers
White Company navy short sleeved sweater
Zara navy t shirt
Joules blue / beige / green print silk scarf
Mulberry Maggie jade green bag

Looking at the above photo again, they look a bit baggy and (vom) 'boyfriend' like for my liking. This is because I have lost weight since last summer, which is good, but if I look like I'm sporting the boyfriend style, of which sadly I am not a fan (not yet anyway, she says, leaving room for a future volte face), I may have to attack the doughnuts.  I hails from Summerzet and we are slow to 'get' these modern new fangled ideas.

Next as promised, a picture of the Zara navy paisley print trousers I bought the other day in Covent Garden ( a whole week ago in fact...)

I really love these. The fit is perfect for me, and strangely, although I am far from tall, I always find the length of Zara trousers is perfect for me, but I have heard many people bemoan the fact that Zara jeans are too long...?!  They also have a really nice close fitting shape to the leg.

True to form in my photo you can discern neither colour nor print - so I've included a close up below to show the print - which makes it look lighter and more washed out than it is*...but hopefully you get the general idea.
[*Will I ever take a decent photo...? (bangs head in despair!) ]

I managed to sneak a quick trip to the shops today, in the guise of giving 5 year old son a 'ride on the {park and ride} bus - which he loves. Didn't have a lot of time - or frankly, with a 5 year old in tow, inclination - but managed to check out two pairs of jeans.

  • I am in the market for a new black pair and tried the Topshop high waisted Jaime skinny jeans in black which were a nice fit and good thick but soft denim.
  • Then went to River Island to investigate the good old 'Molly' jeggings, and found a navy pair which were equally soft and well fitting (thinner fabric though, which may sag??)  What to do?

Bought neither today (amazing willpower) as I have a 'window' tomorrow in which I could return, so I thought I'd sleep on it.

--> Any thoughts, experiences or advice on either welcomed!


  1. Can't advise you on tomorrow's purchases, but really like last weeks. Zara paisley trousers are gorge!

  2. The green is lovely, sometimes you just need a pop of colour when the weather is so miserable, but you are right the Zara paisley fit better. I love your blog by the way, I am getting half term super breakfast but will come back for a proper read later xxx

  3. the green colour but yes they do look a bit "boyfriend" and yes.....baggy.....(as you said you have lost some weight....guessing there is man trouble in there somewhere....but your looking great so the little bit of weight loss suits you. Love the paisley trousers, nice fit. How did you get on with the "clearing out" session the other day???

  4. I love the paisley ones, I'm always a fan of Zara's trousers anyway but those are very funky.

  5. Love the green trousers! Very spring like!


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