Sunday, 17 February 2013

A review of Winter and looking forward to Spring

Since I've been blogging I suppose I have (out of necessity) had to focus more on what I actually adorn dress myself in. This led me to think back over what I have most enjoyed wearing and had most use of during the winter months.

I am a strange creature - I dislike warmer weather, but am almost as grumpy when it's very cold. I reason however, that when it's cold you can at least dress up warm and jump up and down like a loony to raise the body temperature - whereas in warmer weather there's little option (for me) but to melt and perspire (and growl).  My ideal weather is a mild autumn day.

Anyway, enough of the seasons / weather.  My award for most useful / most worn / most enjoyed and best value on a cost per wear (or any!) basis this winter has been..............................

the Pure Collection biscuit coloured snood.

It's so soft, warm and comfortable and the shade is perfect for me. I  have been wearing it as a kind of unattached polo neck over all manner of items, and it hasn't precluded the wearing of a finer/ drapy scarf on top - good news for me as I have so many to get my wear out of!

Now that I am a bona fide Pure Collection customer I have received a lovely 'bound' catalogue from them, which is pure temptation. It sets out one beautiful item per page and I already have a few of them on my wish list for spring - top of the list is this cobalt blue fine gauge sweater.

It would look good with these navy blue paisley print skinny jeans from Zara (purchased a couple of days ago) which have already had compliments - pics of me wearing them to follow.

Not a great photo... what else have you come to expect ;-) - but I can't see them on the website.
The above were bought on a lovely trip to Covent Garden - not a shopping trip - but I went to the Royal Opera House to see Eugene Onegin and happened to have some free time on Long Acre beforehand. The music was wonderful and the opera very poignant.  The waltz I cannot get out of my head - but that's fine by me, it can stay there as long as it wants!

A few pictures from recent days:

Pretty blouse from New Look - was returned though as too impractical (see through) for me, and a tad fiddly. Not returned without a tinge of regret however - knowing me I may re-purchase!

  • New Look Molly Lace blouse (with Primark camisole worn underneath)
  • New Look Khaki soft skinny jeans 

The ever present snood - with it's runner up - the poncho. This has been a very beige season. And spring (for me) is all set to be very navy - watch this space.
  • New Look khaki skinny jeans
  • H&M long line beige/bronze sweater
  • White Company cashmere poncho
  • Pure Collection cashmere snood
  • Topshop boots (old)
(Apologies for brevity of post and lack of pictures - but my PC is on a go-slow and taking about 6 years for a page to 'turn over' - it's driving me mad!)

* * * * *

Oh.... and PS

What's all this nonsense about 'boyfriend jeans'?  (a) they look awful on (they really do) and (b) they are just any old jeans turned up as far as I can see / tell...  How is the fit different?
Call me a simpleton but is this not a case of 'Emperor's New Clothes' if ever there was one....?!


  1. Was going to post a comment about how I'm looking forward to seeing your Zara jeans on 'cos they look really interesting on the hanger .. but instead, I'm laughing out loud at your comment about boyfriend jeans!!! You may well have a point :)

    1. I may have missed something on the boyfriend jeans... but they do nowt for me! I have decided to buy only stuff I really like - if I go 'oooh I love THAT' then it's a good sign (boyfriend or not). Case in point the Zara paisley :-) xx

  2. Totally agree. Ive looked on a few blogs with ladies showing off so called boyfriend jeans and they look awful. They look too short and just silly. I love your blog cause you blog about stuff you actually wear and like not because its necessarily "in fashion". Too many blogs seem to be the same with bloggers showing the latest items from Zara, Primark, topshop etc and then go to the next blog and its the same clothes. Like yours cause its more random.

    1. Haha - you have me sussed - random is certainly the watchword :-) Really glad you like my ramblings! Thanks for commenting. xx

  3. I agree with you on the points about the weather - I would like it to be about 15-18 degrees all the time With no rain and some sunshine please. That way, I can wear a top with a light jacket/cardi if I please and not break out in to a sweat and not freeze my butt off as well.

    No point talking to me about boyfriend jeans - I'm a major offender but I love them for their comfort and wearability. I did a post on them not so long ago - I said, go and get a pair of straight leg jeans and turn them up. Save some money and make your bum look better than in the really baggy boyfriend styles currently on the rails.

    I'd like the Pure lookbook. I had a snifter at one of their mini brochures and there was quite a lot I was interested in. But now that spring is nearly here, the cashmere buying will have to wait till next winter.

    1. Sue - you make the jeans work (somehow). Maybe it is to do with the bum area looking more normal on yours!?

      I have to say I agreed on the cashmere not being for spring - but Pure have cunningly created a new fine weight version which I fear will need to be investigated - just in the interests of research naturally... ;-)

  4. Hehehe love your comment about boyfriend jeans. I tried a load of boyfriend jeans on the other week (ready for post birth) and I looked like a right idiot in every single pair. They are hideous and pointless as far as I can see! Much prefer skinny jeans or even boot cut at a pinch. Love the snood by the way! xx

  5. I am determined to do the boyfriend jean look, when the weather gets better, and I love your poncho, I love ponchos

  6. The blouse is really pretty with your hair colour and looks great with the jeans, you should definitely rebuy :)
    ps I am still not really sure what boyfriend jeans are, can't we just roll up existing straight legs and save the £££? It makes me laugh though, a few years back the rolled up jean thing used to be the universal gay signature call for both sexes (in Soho anyway), it could all get very confusing if this is officially 'fashion' now.


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